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Research and Statistics

  • Crisis Information Management Software (CIMS) Feature Comparison Report (NIJ) (Oct. 2002) (Text or PDF)
    (Feature Comparison Matrix - Excel-based spreadsheet, 1.28 MB download, 7.4 MB uncompressed) This NIJ Special Report compares 10 crisis information management software products currently used by emergency management agencies (EMAs). The products examined were specifically designed to augment EMA responses to crisis situations and enhance emergency management planning and mitigation. The report is accompanied by an Excel-based Feature Comparison Matrix that allows an agency to assess the performance of a product(s)—respective of agency priorities, requirements, and conditions of operation—and use that information for the procurement process.

  • Emergency First Responder Equipment Guides

    November 2002

    Guide for the Selection of Personal Protection Equipment for Emergency First Responders, NIJ Guide 102-00 (Volumes I, IIa, IIb, and IIc)
    (Nov. 2002) This NIJ Guide provides information on personal protection equipment (PPE) for consideration by emergency first responders when purchasing and using PPE, including duration of protection, dexterity/mobility, launderability, and use/reuse. Volume I represents the actual guide and is supplemented by three additional volumes: Volume IIa contains the data sheets for respiratory protection; Volume IIb, for protective garments; and Volume IIc, for other protective apparel (e.g., boots, gloves, hoods, and lab coats). The Guide serves as a resource for comparing and contrasting commercially available personal protective equipment known to the authors as of April 2001.

    October 2001

    NIJ is creating a series of Guides for first responder equipment that will provide agencies with information on the types and capabilities of available equipment. While only the first in this series, a Guide for the Selection of Chemical Agent and Toxic Industrial Material Detection Equipment for Emergency First Responders, has been published, NIJ is releasing working drafts of the remaining Guides in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks as soon as they are available. These Guides are subject to change prior to being posted in their final form.

    An Introduction to Biological Agent Detection Equipment for Emergency First Responders, NIJ Guide 101-00

    Guide for the Selection of Chemical and Biological Decontamination Equipment for Emergency First Responders, NIJ Guide 103-00

    Guide for the Selection of Communication Equipment for Emergency First Responders, NIJ Guide 104-00

  • The National Institute of Justice, Office of Science and Technology (NIJ/OS&T;) sponsors projects in six program areas, including the development of Critical Incident Response Technologies.

  • Reference Material has been collected by the Office for Domestic Preparedness (ODP).
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