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Technical Assistance and Training

  • The Office for Domestic Preparedness (formerly the Office of State & Local Domestic Preparedness Support) has a range of training and technical assistance available.
  • OJP offers a comprehensive training program to public safety personnel who will be called upon to respond to a terrorist incident involving a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Courses begin at the awareness level and advance through the operations, technician, and incident command levels of training. Training is provided through a variety of methods, including distance learning, Internet-based training, train-the-trainer, and direct delivery at specialized training centers. This training is provided through the following partners, including the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium (NDPC), Pine Bluff Arsenal, and Community Research Associates (CRA). The NDPC is comprised of three universities and two federal agencies: Louisiana State University, Texas A&M University, the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, the Department of Energy's Nevada Test Site, and OJPs' Center for Domestic Preparedness.

  • Public Safety and First Responder Videos

  • Metropolitan Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services Training Program
    Community Research Associates, (CRA) Inc. will continue to provide training and technical support to OJP to assist with the delivery of first responder training in targeted metropolitan jurisdictions across the country. This program involves continued support of OJP's Emergency Response to Terrorism Basic Concepts Course (ERTBC).
    ODP is also exploring other emergency response courses that may be developed and delivered under CRA. CRA will schedule training, coordinate the delivery of training, and provide training materials at each training site. CRA will monitor on-site training and assign or schedule trainers for each training session. CRA will also provide support as required to other agencies involved in OJP's State and Local Domestic Preparedness Support Training Program, as well as to the Domestic Preparedness Training Consortium. Training under this initiative is available to appropriate state and local emergency response personnel. For further information, contact CRA at 615/399-9908.

  • WMD Awareness for Sheriffs: Executive Level Introductory Training
    National Sheriffs' Association (NSA) through funding provided by ODP has developed an Executive Level Introductory Training program for sheriffs on domestic preparedness for WMD incidents. The project will train approximately 200 sheriffs through a pilot training program offered in four different geographical regions of the country over the project period. Training under this initiative will be scheduled, coordinated, and delivered by the NSA. Under this initiative, sheriffs will be provided an opportunity to increase their awareness of the domestic terrorism problem and its perpetrators and discuss the issues that a sheriff will confront in response to a WMD incident, including pre-incident collaborations and preparations. For further information please contact the National Sheriff's Association at 703/836-7827.

  • Personal Scene Safety Training
    International Association of Firefighters(IAFF) is working closely with ODP to protect the safety of emergency response personnel, as well as to protect the general public. Ensuring the health and safety of fire, rescue, and other emergency response personnel is the IAFF's highest priority. Under this initiative, this objective will be furthered by developing and delivering personal scene WMD safety instruction to firefighters, paramedics, law enforcement, and other emergency response personnel. The two-day course will provide students with key information to help them make an effective emergency response while maintaining their personal scene safety. The IAFF will coordinate and manage the project and devise strategies for implementation. For more information contact Tim Beres of ODP at 202/305-9887 or by e-mail at berest@ojp.usdoj.gov

  • State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training (SLATT)
    This is the only ongoing training and technical assistance counterterrorism initiative specifically designed for state and local law enforcement and prosecution authorities. SLATT addresses pre-incident issues relating to domestic anti-terrorism, violent extremist criminal activity, detection and investigation, early interdiction and prevention, and readiness. Working in close cooperation with the FBI and its National Security Division Training Unit, the SLATT program delivers specialized, nationwide training. SLATT provides executive, investigative, intelligence, and officer safety training, with an emphasis on lesser-populated jurisdictions. For more information contact Jan Carey at 202/305-2695 or by e-mail at careyj@ojp.usdoj.gov

  • Domestic Preparedness Equipment Technical Assistance Program
    ODP, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of the Army and Pine Bluff Arsenal (PBA), will conduct a Domestic Preparedness Equipment Technical Assistance Program (DPETAP) in support of the ODP Equipment Grant Program. DPETAP is a comprehensive equipment technical assistance and training program focused on providing needed skills to jurisdictions and organizations in the areas of equipment maintenance, training, and technical information support. Assistance will be provided only on equipment that is authorized for purchase under the ODP Equipment Grant Program. PBA will provide the assistance onsite through mobile technical assistance teams and through a technical assistance help line. Services offered through DPETAP will be provided on an as-needed basis, as determined through consultation with the jurisdictions. Services will include training on routine equipment maintenance and repair, as well as training in maintaining and calibrating equipment. For more information, contact Gabrielle Meszaros-Parada at 202/305-9887 or by e-mail at askosldps@ojp.usdoj.gov.
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