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The Office of the Comptroller (OC), under the leadership of Cynthia J. Schwimer, Comptroller, is the principal advisor to the Assistant Attorney General (AAG) for the Office of Justice Programs on matters involving fiscal policy guidance and control, and supports accounting, financial and grants management, and claims collection services. The Comptroller oversees four (4) divisions responsible for providing efficient and effective support services for the offices and bureaus that comprise the Office of Justice Programs (OJP). They are: (1) the Financial Management Division, (2) the Accounting Division, (3) the Monitoring Division, and (4) the Training and Policy Division. Working together, these divisions: apply a comprehensive approach to assessing grantee and OJP financial management policies, procedures, and practices; and contribute to overall financial integrity and achievement of goals and objectives of OJP and its offices and bureaus.

The Financial Management Division (FMD) is responsible for providing advice and guidance to OJP's offices and bureaus in the area of the financial management of grants and cooperative agreements, which includes ensuring the financial management and fiscal integrity of fund recipients; monitoring the internal grant process to ensure all required business management and fiscal integrity practices and actions are performed; conducting budget reviews of grant applications; developing, negotiating, and approving indirect cost allocation plans; providing technical assistance, both pre- and post-award, to grantees and program offices; and post-award administration of grants.

The Accounting Division (AD) is responsible for planning, developing, implementing, maintaining and upgrading an integrated accounting system in conformance with appropriate laws, regulations, and policies, to ensure proper fund accountability, fiscal control, and availability of financial data for decision making. The division is comprised of three components -- the Systems Operations and Reports Branch, the Funds Control Branch, and the Systems Integration Team. The Systems Operations and Reports Branch is responsible for recording and maintaining records of financial data; preparing consolidated financial statements; and external and internal financial reporting. The Funds Control Branch is responsible for maintaining the OJP Imprest Fund; making grantee payments; and reconciliation of grantee accounts. The Systems Integration Team is responsible for managing the OJP integrated accounting system and its interfaces.

The Monitoring Division (MD) is responsible for providing financial monitoring of grantees and monitoring, tracking, and resolving grantee audit reports, as well as providing technical assistance to grantees and program offices. The division is comprised of two components -- the Monitoring Branch and the Audit Resolution Team. The Monitoring Branch is responsible for conducting OC-based reviews of grantee organizations in order to monitor administrative and financial capability; conducting nationwide on-site reviews of grantee organizations in order to assess financial records, provide financial advice, and recommend changes in the grantee's financial policies and procedures. The Audit Resolution Team is responsible for monitoring and coordinating resolution of audit reports of grantee organizations, as well as coordinating external audit findings and recommendations on a DOJ-wide basis.

The Training and Policy Division (TPD) is responsible for providing financial management training and technical assistance to grantees, OJP, and DOJ staff, as well as the development and implementation of internal and external financial management policy. TPD manages the OJP Control Desk, which is responsible for providing records management services and data entry support for official grant files. TPD also manages OC's Customer Service Center, which serves, supports, and provides financial technical assistance to grantees in the criminal justice community at 1-800-458-0786 and ask.oc@usdoj.gov.

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