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Bird Migration
Icon shows a goose migrating south from Northern America to Central America.
PDF  ::  84KB
GIF  ::  18KB

Icon shows a buffalo on a grassland.
PDF  ::  43KB
GIF  ::  16KB

Bull Frog
Icon shows a bull frog catching fly with its tongue.
PDF  ::  43KB
GIF  ::  15KB

Icon shows a butterfly.
PDF  ::  51KB
GIF  ::  24KB

Fish and Coral Reefs
Icon shows a tropical fish in midst of a coral reef. The fish is bubbling.
PDF  ::  45KB
GIF  ::  24KB

Invasive Specie: Kudzu
Icon shows kudzu growing on a tree.
PDF  ::  1,882KB
GIF  ::  64KB

Sea Otters
Icon shows two sea otters laying on top of water.
PDF  ::  47KB
GIF  ::  18KB

Icon shows an erupting volcano.
PDF  ::  41KB
GIF  ::  13KB

Icon shows a female scientist recording and observing a volcano crater.
PDF  ::  38KB
GIF  ::  17KB

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