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Transportation Audits Transportation Audits Overview
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GSA works to identify and recover Transportation Service Provider (TSP) overcharges and other debts relating to transportation bills paid by agencies around the world. Each year, GSA detects and recovers millions of dollars in overcharges.


  • Oversees the implementation and performance of prepayment audits for transportation services procured anywhere in the world;
  • Conducts post-payment audits of transportation bills;
  • Provides for the collection or overcharges;
  • Adjudicates TSP claims; and
  • Handles bankruptcies and litigation, related to TSPs, for the federal agencies.

Prepayment Audit of Government Transportation Billing Documents. GSA has contracts with commercial auditing firms to provide prepayment audit services to agencies. Special Item Number 520-10 of the Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) Schedule is available for use by agencies.

Contractors shall provide these services on a cost-per-bill basis, depending on the transportation mode. Audit management reports are available at an additional cost. Transportation bills transmitted by electronic commerce are audited at a reduced price from the cost for auditing transportation bills submitted by hard copy.

Prepayment audits are mandatory. Agencies can utilize the schedules program by issuing task requests to any one or any combination of GSA prepayment audit contractors.

Basic Service. The contractor audits the bills and other documents received within five calendar days, determines whether the bill contains the lowest charges applicable to the movement, and upon completion, returns the bills to the agency. Upon identifying an over billing, the contractor prepares a statement of differences and provides copies to the billing TSP, the ordering agency, and GSA. By issuing a statement of differences, the contractor is obligated to evaluate any resulting TSP claim.

The service is also available via Electronic Commerce, which provides the capability to receive and transmit invoices and shipment information via computer-to-computer transactions.

Additional Services. Agencies also have the option of acquiring additional services provided in the contract as follows:

  • Duplicate Bill Determination - Contractor determines whether any bills received have been previously submitted by the TSP for payment.
  • Document Match Service - Contractor matches transportation, procurement, and authorizing documents with charges billed on invoices.
  • Voucher Schedule Preparation - Contractor prepares the agency voucher schedule for payments after examination of bills.
  • Management Information and Reporting - Contractors have the capability to capture information electronically from billing documents being audited for report-generating options. The agency may request the capture of up to 32 data elements and the creation of up to four reports per month, providing agencies with a valuable traffic management tool.

Participation in GSA's Multiple Award Schedule for prepayment audit services provides agencies with access to commercial firms that can ensure agencies are paying the lowest applicable rate for their transportation bills.

For more information regarding transportation audits, refer to the Transportation Audits Contacts.

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