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2003 November Volume 13 Number 3- articles include:

  • Training the Objective Force Warrior
  • Achieving Successful AC/RC Integration: A Tool Kit for Multi-Compo Unit Leaders
  • Computer-based Strategies for Training Digital Map Displays
  • Text Messaging for Effective Communications
  • Training Adaptive Performance in Special Forces
  • Army Continuing Education System (ACES) for Soldier Retention and Performance
  • Assembling Qualitative Data in "Real Time"

2003 August Volume 13 Number 2 - articles include:

  • Concept Exploration for Transforming Command and Control
  • What Makes a Good Linguist?
  • Application of Story Methods to the Development of Interpersonal Skills
  • Internet and PC Access and PC Capabilities
  • Critical Thinking Training for Army Schoolhouse and Distance Learning
  • Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC)

2003 May Volume 13 Number 1 - articles include:

  • Maximizing 21st Century Noncommissioned Officer Performance (NCO21)
  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Command Thinking Skills
  • Training Adaptive Leaders
  • Training of Future Teams
  • AH-64A BUCS Training
  • Aircrew Coordination Training Enhancement (ACTE)
  • Pay Retirement and Job Security
  • Training in Virtual Environments: Instructional Features

2002 Volume 12 Number 2 - articles include:

  • The Computer Backgrounds of Soldiers
  • What Commanders and Policy Makers Need to Know About AWOL and Desertion
  • Training on the Web: Identifying and Authenticating Learners
  • Predicting the Retention of Proficiency at 16 CommonTasks
  • Survey Results and Their Impact on Personnel Matters
  • Instructional Technology in Helicopter Flight Training: What a Difference a Decade Makes

2002 Winter Volume 12 Number 1 - articles include:

  • Measuring Unit Proficiency in Using Digital Systems
  • Infantry Squad Radio Communication and Situation Awareness
  • Internet Access and PC Capabilities for the Army
  • Online Learnig of Complex Skills
  • Will a Microsimulator Support Introductory Helicopter Flight Training?
  • Virtual Environments for Dismounted Soldier Simulation
  • Did you know

2001 Fall Volume 11 Number 4 - articles include:

  • Towards a Simulation-Focused Training System for U.S. Army Aviation
  • Experimental Leadership Development Program
  • Leader Development Research: A Longitudinal Perspective
  • ARI Products Ready for Implementation Now!
  • Learning Digital Skills via Computer-Based Training
  • Did You Know: Commitment to Service
  • Did You Know: Unit Climate

2001 Summer Volume 11 Number 3 - articles include:

  • Personal Computer-Based Aviation Training Device (PCATD)
  • Previous Experience with the Military
  • User-Produced Training Support Packages
  • Predicting the Decay of Digital Skills: A Preliminary Look
  • Training Digital Skills in Army Environments
  • Expert Leader Development Course for Brigade and Battalion Commanders
  • Almost Human: Simulating Combat Emotions and Soldier Traits
  • Development of New Army Aptitude Composites for Classification

2001 Spring Volume 11 Number 2 - articles include:

  • Web-Based Surveys
  • Distance Learning and Battle Staff Performance
  • Training Critical Thinking Skills for Battle Command: How to Think, Not What to Think
  • Training and Assessment of Decision-Making Skills in Virtual Environments
  • Tacit Knowledge for Military Leadership
  • Team Performance in Distributed Virtual Environments
  • U.S. Army Occupational Analysis Program

2001 Winter Volume 11 Number 1 - articles include:

  • Battle Command Stories
  • A Commanders Tool for Assesing the Unit Environment Company Relations: the Windows-based Command Climate Survey (CCS)
  • Shooting Straight: 20 Years of Rifle Marksmanship Research
  • Toward a Simulation-Focused Training System for U.S. Army Aviation
  • Automatic Essay Grading
  • Dismounted Soldier Simulation - Technology Development & Evaluation
  • Aircrew Coordination Training Enhancement Program

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