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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Statistics


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  A.  Data:  
       1.  Highlights from the latest OAS reports   
       2.  Alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drug statistics

(a)  Prevalence and correlates of use

(b)  Treatment admissions

(c)  State data

(d)  Specific drugs

(e)  Emergency department visits and mortality


       3. Selected topics:

bullet Attitudes and perceptions

bullet Comorbidity/Co-occurring disorders - Mental disorders with substance abuse

bullet Drugs

bullet Population groups

bullet Prevention related measures

bullet Comprehensive reports

bullet Suicide, violence, other risky behaviors

bullet Treatment

bullet Workplace

       4.  Drug related emergency department visits and deaths
       5. Detailed tables & unpublished substance abuse data in WEB Only Documents
       6.  Specific drugs of abuse in OAS data systems  
       7.  Substance abuse and mental health statistics


  B.  OAS Publication Series: to access specific topics, click on "Topics" in the OAS header banner

1.  NHSDA/NSDUH:  General Population Data

2.  DAWN:  Emergency Departments & Mortality Data

3.  DASIS:  Treatment Services

4.  Analytic Reports

5.  Methodology

6.  WEB Only Documents

7.  Short Reports
  C.  Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator  
  D.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

  E.  SAMHSA's OAS Data Systems:  Info and Data Analysis 
       1. Background information on OAS data collection systems  
        (a) General Population  (NHSDA/NSDUH)

(b) Emergency departments and medical examiners (DAWN)

(c) Substance abuse treatment facilities (DASIS)
bulletTreatment Episode Data Set (TEDS)

bulletNational Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS)

bulletUniform Facility Data Set (UFDS)

(d) Alcohol and Drug Services Study (ADSS)  

(e) Drug Services Research Survey (DSRS)

      2.   Analyze Data On-Line from SAMHSA Data Archives (SAMHDA)  

(a)  Short reports on the on-line data analysis system (SAMHDA)

(b) Examples of on-line analysis

  F.  Request OAS publications on substance abuse:
       1.  Individual OAS substance abuse reports

 2.  OAS mailing list  

 3.  SAMHSA mailing list  
  G.  More information on substance abuse
       1.  Information about the Office of Applied Studies, SAMHSA

 2.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 3.  Mail Room

4.  Media Resources 

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SAMHSA, an agency in the Department of Health and Human Services, is the Federal Government's lead agency for improving the quality and availability of substance abuse prevention, addiction treatment, and mental health services in the United States.

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