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Vehicle Leasing GSA Fleet Overview
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Since 1954, GSA Fleet has been providing quality vehicles and efficient and economical fleet management services to over 75 participating federal agencies.

Growing from its origin in 1954 to over 190,000 vehicles in 2003, the GSA Fleet is one of the largest non-tactical federal fleets in the U.S. government. The GSA fleet includes automobiles, passenger vans, light, medium, and heavy trucks, buses and ambulances. Participating federal agencies are served on a cost reimbursable basis which makes it possible to offer this diverse fleet at all-inclusive rates that are second to none.

GSA Fleet is supported by a network of Fleet Management Centers (FMCs) who are responsible for assigning GSA Fleet vehicles, providing for their administrative support and control in the specific geographic area they serve, and to supply preventive maintenance on all vehicles to ensure proper functionality through the National Maintenance Control Center. 

To begin leasing vehicles from GSA, please visit GSA Fleet - Vehicle Leasing to learn more about how GSA can accommodate agency needs.

Since GSA Fleet is not a mandatory source of supply, vehicles may be leased from commercial sources without approval or permission from GSA. Of course, should the preference be to purchase a vehicle, contact the GSA Automotive for information on how GSA purchases new vehicles for federal civilian agencies and Department of Defense activities.


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