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Head Lice Study Supports Direct Contact Between Modern and Archaic Humans (pr04139)
Added: Oct 06 2004

NSF Announces Six 'FIBR' Awards to Tackle Some of Biology's Most Challenging Questions (NSF PR: 04-122) (PR04122)
Added: Sep 22 2004

NSF Awards 22 New Projects for Plant Genome Research (pr04127)
Added: Sep 21 2004

NEON Design Consortium and Project Office to Coordinate Design of Ecological Observatories (pr04126)
Added: Sep 21 2004

Research Uncovers Added Value of Streamside Forests (pr04117)
Added: Sep 14 2004

Twelve Women are Among NSF-Supported Young Scientists and Engineers to Receive Presidential Award for Early Career Achievements (pr04116)
Added: Sep 14 2004

Ecology of Infectious Diseases Grants Awarded by National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health (pr04120)
Added: Sep 14 2004

Lecture on Ecology of Infectious Diseases (ma0428)
Added: Sep 13 2004

Complex Cells Likely Arose from Combination of Bacterial and Extreme-Microbe Genomes (pr04114)
Added: Sep 08 2004

NSF Funds First U.S-based 4Pi-Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (pr04115)
Added: Sep 08 2004

Viruses on the Attack (pr04105)
Added: Aug 20 2004

No Longer Just For Biology, RNA Can Now Be Built Into 3-D Arrays (pr04102)
Added: Aug 11 2004

Pepper Prodigies Pursue Plants Like Those Picked by Parents (pr04082)
Added: Jun 09 2004

New Research Supports Theory that Indirect Transmission of Chronic Wasting Disease Possible in Mule Deer (pr04068)
Added: May 12 2004

NSB 2004 Vannevar Bush, Public Service Awards, Span Research, Scholarship, Science Communication and Policy (pr04057)
Added: Apr 26 2004

Morning Glory Colors Reveal Why Evolution is Stuck in 'Forward' (pr04054)
Added: Apr 21 2004

Oldest Hemoglobin Ancestors Offer Clues to Earliest Oxygen-Based Life (pr04055)
Added: Apr 20 2004

Challenging Shrubland Fire Management (tip040414c)
Added: Apr 15 2004

Inspiring Invention - New report urges effort to foster invention in education, business and government (ma0413)
Added: Apr 14 2004

In Bowerbirds, Young Females Go More for Blue, Less for Strutting (pr04049)
Added: Apr 14 2004

Ferns Diversified in Shadow of Flowering Plants (pr04037)
Added: Mar 31 2004

NSF Fact Sheet: Human and Social Dynamics (HSD) (fs04hsd)
Added: Feb 17 2004

Looking at Science Through New Eyes: NSF and AAAS Launch Second Visualization Challenge (pr04018)
Added: Feb 17 2004

NSF Speakers Tackle Biocomplexity and Science Workforce at AAAS Annual Meeting (ma0402)
Added: Feb 04 2004

NSF Fiscal 2005 Budget Request Is $5.745 Billion (pr0412)
Added: Feb 02 2004

NSF Fiscal 2005 Budget Priority Areas (fsfy05priorityareas)
Added: Feb 02 2004

Protein Data Bank Opens New Era With Broader Support (pr0408)
Added: Jan 22 2004

Protein Data Bank - Contacts (fscontacts)
Added: Jan 22 2004

Protein Data Bank - Chronology (fstimeline)
Added: Jan 22 2004

Impacts Range from Fundamental Biology to Disease (fspdb)
Added: Jan 22 2004

If We Are What We Eat, Some Lake Fish Are Made of Maple Leaves (pr0404)
Added: Jan 16 2004

RNA Lariat May Tie Up Loose Ends to Decades-Old Mystery of Retrovirus Life Cycle (pr0401)
Added: Jan 08 2004

"Panning for Gold" in the Maize Genome (pr03148)
Added: Dec 22 2003

Mustard-Root Map Breaks New Ground Tracking Gene Expression (pr03139)
Added: Dec 11 2003

Detecting Terrorists and Other Hidden Groups on the Internet (tip031209)
Added: Dec 10 2003

Ecology of Infectious Diseases Grants Awarded by National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health (pr03119)
Added: Oct 14 2003

Plant Genome Research Gets $100 Million Boost From NSF (pr03114)
Added: Oct 03 2003

NSF'S 'FIBR' to Mix Disciplines, Use Breakthroughs on 5-Year Explorations into Biology's Mysteries (pr03106)
Added: Sep 26 2003

National Science Foundation Announces $14M Planetary Biodiversity Inventory Awards (pr03104)
Added: Sep 23 2003

Baboon Fathers Really Do Care About Their Kids (pr0395)
Added: Sep 11 2003

Microbes Active in Colorado Snows Fuel Tundra Ecosystem (pr0393)
Added: Sep 04 2003

Genome Sequence for Tomato-Infecting Microbe May Show How Bacteria Adapt to Plant Defenses (pr0386)
Added: Aug 19 2003

Microbe from Depths Takes Life to Hottest Known Limit (pr0384)
Added: Aug 14 2003

Biodiversity's Response to Ecosystem Productivity Depends on Historical Plant and Animal Relationships (pr0375)
Added: Jul 23 2003

US-EC Biotech Task Force Keys on Research, Collaboration (pr0372)
Added: Jun 27 2003

For Ferrets, GPI Means 'Get Pregnancy Initiated' (pr0370)
Added: Jun 26 2003

Plant Diversity has "Luxury" Effect, Say Scientists (pr0371)
Added: Jun 26 2003

Earliest Homo Sapiens Fossils Discovered in Ethiopia (pr0365)
Added: Jun 11 2003

What's Next as Biology, Math Combine Forces, Reciprocate in Discovery (ma0333)
Added: Jun 11 2003

Ancient Pollen Yields Insight into Forest Biodiversity (pr0362)
Added: Jun 06 2003

Going with the Grain: A Tale of Rice's Smallest Chromosome (pr0363)
Added: Jun 06 2003

From Cell-Cycle Secrets to NSF's Waterman Award Amon Earns Top Honor for Young Scientists (pr0358)
Added: May 15 2003

Pattern Recognition Method Zeroes in on Genes that Regulate Cell's Genetic Machinery (pr0355)
Added: May 12 2003

Artificial Life Experiments Show How Complex Functions Can Evolve (pr0351)
Added: May 07 2003

Bread Mold Yields a Genome First for Filamentous Fungi (pr0344)
Added: Apr 28 2003

Shining Light on the Nanoscale (tip030416)
Added: Apr 17 2003

Dinosaur Cannibal Unearthed in Madagascar (pr0336)
Added: Apr 02 2003

Using Computational Power Tools to Bolster Systems Biology (ma0319)
Added: Mar 27 2003

Forest Fragmentation May Increase Lyme Disease Risk (pr0334)
Added: Mar 27 2003

From Biology to Computing and Back Again (pr0335)
Added: Mar 27 2003

With Toxic Crystals, Bacterium Targets - and Takes out - Nematodes (pr0326)
Added: Mar 07 2003

A Ferrous Wheel in the Forest (pr0313)
Added: Feb 04 2003

NSF to Hold Public Meeting on its Fiscal 2004 Budget Request (ma0307)
Added: Jan 30 2003

Earth Scientists Forge New Understanding of Mountain-Building Dynamics (tip030123)
Added: Jan 24 2003

Earth Scientists Forge New Understanding of Mountain-Building Dynamics (tip030123)
Added: Jan 24 2003

Multiple Factors Affect Flight Power Curves Among Species (pr0312)
Added: Jan 22 2003

New Study Suggests Missing Link that Explains How Dinosaurs Learned to Fly (pr0308)
Added: Jan 16 2003

Scientists Find First Active 'Jumping Genes' in Rice (pr0303)
Added: Jan 08 2003

America's Investment to the Future (nsf0050)
Added: Jul 02 2002

Researchers Compare Anthrax Genomes (pr0237)
Added: May 09 2002

Alzheimer's, Other Diseases, May Benefit from First Live Studies of Key Cell Structures (pr0232)
Added: Apr 30 2002

New Post-Genomic Technique Chronicles Protein Life Cycles (pr0227)
Added: Apr 19 2002

Microbiology Team Probes Bacterium's Surprising Survival Tactics (pr0224)
Added: Apr 18 2002

Popular Weed Killer Disrupts Frogs' Sexual Development (pr0226)
Added: Apr 17 2002

Researchers Project Future Shrinking Biodiversity of Mexican Species (pr0223)
Added: Apr 16 2002

Protein Plays Espionage Role in Bacterial Attack on Plants (pr02018)
Added: Mar 22 2002

Researchers Discover Mechanism of Plant Resistance to Pathogens (pr0215)
Added: Feb 28 2002

NSF/EPA Team Up on Grants to Treat Pollution with Plants (pr0213)
Added: Feb 14 2002

Predators Drive Evolution of Virtual Prey Appearance (pr0206)
Added: Feb 08 2002

Water Lily May Provide a "Missing Link" in the Evolution of Flowering Plants (pr0209)
Added: Jan 31 2002

New Understanding of Complex Virus Nano-Machine for Cell Puncturing and DNA Delivery (pr0207)
Added: Jan 31 2002

President Bush Honors Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentors (pr01103)
Added: Dec 12 2001

Harold Varmus, Lewis Branscomb are Honored with the Vannevar Bush Award (pr0140)
Added: May 09 2001

Scientists Shake Up Family Tree of Green Plants (pr0109)
Added: Jan 31 2001

NSF Grant Extends Support For Interconnecting National Research Networks (pr0101)
Added: Jan 05 2001

New Sub-Cellular Structure Discovered (pr0098)
Added: Dec 27 2000

Carbon Cycling and Species Composition: Seeing the Forest For Its Trees (pr0097)
Added: Dec 19 2000

First-Ever Complete Plant Genome Sequence is Announced (pr0094)
Added: Dec 13 2000

DNA (pr0092)
Added: Dec 07 2000

NSF Honors 409 Junior Faculty Members with 2000 Career Awards (pr0090)
Added: Nov 22 2000

Clinton Names A Diverse Group Of Researchers To Receive The 2000 National Medals Of Science (pr0089)
Added: Nov 13 2000

WEB100 Project to Boost Performance of Research Networks (pr0087)
Added: Nov 02 2000

Ecology of Infectious Diseases Grants Jointly Announced By National Institutes Of Health and National Science Foundation (pr0086)
Added: Nov 02 2000

New Report Challenges Assumptions About What The Internet Means To The Public (pr0080)
Added: Oct 25 2000

NSF Advisory Committee Meetings (cmmtg)
Added: Oct 24 2000

Putting Muscle in the Nucleus (pr0074)
Added: Oct 12 2000

NSF Awards $52.5 Million in Grants to Study Biocomplexity (pr0073)
Added: Oct 12 2000

Scientists Report First Complete DNA Sequence of Plant Chromosomes (pr9973)
Added: Dec 15 1999

Astronomers Discover Six Planets Orbiting Nearby Stars (pr9971)
Added: Nov 29 1999

Human Plague Cases Increasing In Southwest (pr9970)
Added: Nov 19 1999

NSF Announces $10-Million Center for Bioengineering Educational Technology (pr9964)
Added: Oct 14 1999

NSF Awards Large Grant for Arabidopsis Information Resource (pr9958)
Added: Sep 29 1999

NSF Grants Provide Boost to Research on Inner Workings of Plants (pr9956)
Added: Sep 23 1999

'Altered State' May Be Responsible for Creating Important Brain Chemicals (pr9941)
Added: Jun 10 1999

Rare Fossil Shows Theropod Dinosaurs are Fast, Dangerous 'Turbocharged' Reptiles (pr993)
Added: Jan 21 1999

NSF Funds First Long-Term Studies of Urban Ecology (pr9763)
Added: Oct 19 1997

Pioneering Team Spending Winter ATop Greenland Ice Sheet (pr9752)
Added: Sep 09 1997

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