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Electronic Submission

DTIC® now has the ability to accept and process documents electronically into the Technical Reports database. DTIC Electronic document submission allows for the transmission of both Unclassified, Unlimited and Unclassified, Limited documents. Documents may be submitted in a wide variety of formats, including: MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Wordperfect, ASCII Text, Rich text and PDF. All DTIC contributors are encouraged to use electronic submission as a means to streamline the document submission process, as well as enhance the output product provided by DTIC. 

Migration to an electronic transmittal system will provide both immediate and long term benefits to everyone who utilizes DTIC's services. On the input side, contributors will no longer have to deal with the costs and hassles of physical document shipping. Additionally, shipping time is dramatically reduced from several days to instantaneous. For the end users, documents that originally contained color graphics will retain this feature when downloaded from STINET or DROLS. Future hypertextual enhancements may also be made possible by the electronic document transmittal system. 

The system is an easy-to-use data entry system for submitting a "Report Documentation Page" (SF-298), along with the corresponding technical report. Since contributors should already be familiar with SF-298, electronic document submission entails no added steps or paperwork. After a contributor enters all of the available unclassified data, the browser encrypts everything and transmits it to DTIC's TR server via the Internet. Once the SF-298 and the file reach DTIC's server, the SF-298 is inserted into the document file (immediately following the title page). The document file is then converted to PDF format and processed into our Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).

Signing up for Electronic Submission is easy: 

  1. Complete the online Electronic Document Submission Registration Form
  2. Go to http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/registration/index.html and submit your DTIC on-line registration form.
  3. After setting up your account and getting a User Code, Login, and Password, notify tr@dtic.mil with your login and User Code and I/P address. If you do not know this information, simply click here and DTIC will provide you with the necessary information.

Guidance for Submitting PDF Documents to DTIC

DTIC strives to process document submissions with the highest quality output possible. To facilitate this for PDF document submissions, DTIC recommends adherence to the following guidelines. Failure to meet these submission guidelines will result in a lower quality product, and in some cases could prevent a document from being processed altogether.


  • DTIC prefers PDF version 1.4. However, older versions of PDF are still accepted.
  • Do not encrypt or add security layers to documents
  • Where possible, please orient pages to portrait rather than landscape settings.
  • All files must be self-contained. All figures and tables should be in the same file as the text of the paper. Do not add other attachments to document files
  • Documents that contain embedded files (other than fonts) should not be submitted as electronic documents. They will be processed as Nonprint/Multimedia documents. For information on submitting Nonprint/Multimedia documents, please contact the Nonprint Program Manager, (703) 767-8040 or DSN: 427-8040, or via e-mail at np@dtic.mil.
  • DTIC can no longer accept the following file types via email: password protected, zipped or compressed files, file with the extensions: *.vbs, *.cmd, *.exe, *.bat, *.com, *.mp3, *.eml and *.dll. 
Font Settings

One of the most common problems with PDF files submitted to DTIC is font readability. PDF documents rely on access to fonts that are either resident on a reader's computer or are embedded in the PDF document itself. For dissemination purposes, embedded fonts are preferred because DTIC has no way of knowing which fonts are available to the reader. Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to review the fonts contained in your PDF. To do this, choose "Document Properties/Fonts" from the "File" menu. Choose "List all fonts" to see all fonts that Adobe may need to print the document. 

  • For readability and archival purposes, please use 10 point font or larger for the body text of a document.
  • Fonts should be limited to those used in the paper, and they should be embedded in the PDF file. (Oftentimes documents contain fonts that the document creator is unaware that they used.)
  • It is best to use western-encoded versions of the fonts Times (Times New Roman), Helvetica (Arial), and Symbol, and the standard distributions of Computer Modern. 
  • Please avoid submitting custom or proprietary fonts, including: WPMathA, WPMathB, and WPMultinationalARoman.
  • Font embedding should be a selected setting when using a document distiller.
Native vs. Scanned PDFs
  • Whenever possible, please submit a native PDF rather than a scanned PDF
  • For scanned PDFs, please use a resolution setting of 300 dpi or higher 



    - Documents in languages that do not use a Roman or Cyrillic alphabet must be scanned in as a PDF image file. (Problems can also occur when using special symbols or figures)

For further information, please contact: 

Electronic Media Specialist 
(703) 767-8040
DSN 427-8040

System Requirements:
  Pentium II or higher
  64 MB
Operating System:
  Windows 95/98/2000/NT
Display Settings:
  Minimum 800x600 resolution, 65K Colors, Small Font
  Netscape Communicator 4.7 or higher, U.S. Version

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