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Title 13--Business Credit and Assistance



TEXT PDF102.1 General provisions.
TEXT PDF102.2 Public reading rooms.
TEXT PDF102.3 Requirements pertaining to the submission of requests.
TEXT PDF102.4 Timing of responses to requests.
TEXT PDF102.5 Responses to requests.
TEXT PDF102.6 Fees.
TEXT PDF102.7 Business information.
TEXT PDF102.8 Appeals.
TEXT PDF102.9 Public Index.
TEXT PDF102.20 What privacy rights does this subpart regulate?
TEXT PDF102.21 How will SBA maintain records?
TEXT PDF102.22 When will SBA disclose records?
TEXT PDF102.23 Are there special rules about personnel and equal employment opportunity files?
TEXT PDF102.24 What is a record?
TEXT PDF102.25 What is a system of records?
TEXT PDF102.26 What does this subpart mean by ``person to whom a record pertains'' or ``you''?
TEXT PDF102.27 What records are partially exempt from the provisions of the Privacy Act?
TEXT PDF102.28 What about information compiled for a civil action?
TEXT PDF102.29 Who administers SBA's responsibilities under the Privacy Act?
TEXT PDF102.30 How can I write to the Privacy Act Officer?
TEXT PDF102.31 Who appoints Systems Managers?
TEXT PDF102.32 What do Systems Managers do?
TEXT PDF102.33 How can I write to a Systems Manager?
TEXT PDF102.34 How can I see records kept on me?
TEXT PDF102.35 How long will it take SBA to respond to my request?
TEXT PDF102.36 How will SBA respond to my request?
TEXT PDF102.37 How may I appeal a decision to deny me access to my records?
TEXT PDF102.38 To whom should my appeal be addressed?
TEXT PDF102.39 By when must I appeal to the Privacy Act Officer?
TEXT PDF102.40 When will SBA respond to my appeal?
TEXT PDF102.41 How will SBA respond to my appeal?
TEXT PDF102.42 How can I get SBA to amend a record kept on me?
TEXT PDF102.43 What should my petition say?
TEXT PDF102.44 For what reasons will SBA amend my record?
TEXT PDF102.45 Will SBA ask me for more information after I make my request?
TEXT PDF102.46 When will SBA respond to my request?
TEXT PDF102.47 How will SBA respond to my request?
TEXT PDF102.48 How do I appeal a refusal to amend a record kept on me?
TEXT PDF102.49 To whom should I address my appeal?
TEXT PDF102.50 By when must I submit my appeal?
TEXT PDF102.51 By what standards will the Privacy Act Officer review my appeal?
TEXT PDF102.52 When will SBA respond to my appeal?
TEXT PDF102.53 How will SBA respond to my appeal?
TEXT PDF102.54 How can I obtain judicial review of an SBA Privacy Act decision?
TEXT PDF102.55 What must SBA tell the individuals from whom it collects information?
TEXT PDF102.56 Will SBA release my name or address?
TEXT PDF102.57 Do I have to give SBA my SSN?
TEXT PDF102.58 When will SBA show personnel records to a representative?
TEXT PDF102.59 What fees will SBA charge me for my records?
TEXT PDF102.60 May I be informed of disclosures made of my records?
TEXT PDF102.61 Are there Matching Program procedures?