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Chief Information Officers Council      Today: 10.18.2004
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The Small Agency CIO Council (SACC) is comprised of the CIOs from about 90 small, independent federal agencies. The SACC members meet six times a year, discussing the President's Management Agenda, best practices, computer security, and other issues of interest to the community. Like the "large" CIO Council, the SACC also serves as an effective liaison between the agency CIOs and OMB, ensuring that small, independent agencies have a forum for discussing OMB guidance and reporting requirements.

Council Membership: All federal agencies that are not designated by EO13011 to be members of the "large" CIO Council are eligible for membership in the Small Agency CIO Council. A current list is available below:

Current list of small agency CIO's

Council Leadership: The Small Agency CIO Council has two chairs. Both chairs also sit on the "large" CIO Council, acting as representatives for the small agencies. To contact the chairs:

Brett Bobley
CIO, National Endowment for the Humanities

Stephen Warren
CIO, Federal Trade Commission
Phone: 202-326-2902

Council Intranet Site: The Small Agency CIO Council maintains an Intranet site for members and their staffs. If you are a government employee working in IT at one of the small agencies, you can join our Intranet by going to the Intranet Home Page and clicking on "Request an Invitation."

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