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Graphic: The Human Genome Project Graphic: DNA
Graphic: The Human Genome Project Graphic: DNA
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  The Human Genome Project: Exploring Our Molecular Selves  

Illustration of human chromosomes

The Human Genome Project (HGP) began in 1990 as an effort by researchers from around the world to map and sequence the human genome - the totality of human DNA - as well as the genomes of important experimental organisms, like yeast, the nematode worm, and mouse. In 2000, the collaborators in the HGP announced the completion of a draft revealing the sequence of 90% of human DNA. In February 2001, the initial analysis of the genome sequence was published in the scientific literature.

To mark this occasion, the Human Genome Project has released a free, multimedia educational kit, The Human Genome Project: Exploring our Molecular Selves. This web page contains the online version of the education kit's CD-ROM.

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