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Liberty Development and Production Plan                              OCS EIS/EA
Draft Environmental Impact Statement                                  MMS

This draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) covers the proposed Beaufort Sea Oil and Gas
Development/Liberty Development and Production Plan. This document includes the purpose and
background of the proposed action, alternatives, description of the affected environment, and the predicted environmental effects of the proposed action and the alternatives. 

The draft EIS consists of three volumes and an Executive Summary, MMS 2001-002. 

Front Cover of the DEIS

-- Executive Summary, MMS 2001-002, 64 pages
-- Volume I, Sections I through IX, Bibliography, Index, 623 pages,  7199 kb
-- Volume II, Tables, Figures, and Maps, 172 pages, 8657 kb
-- Volume III, Appendices, 627 pages, 9917 kb
-- BP Exploration's Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan, 192 pages, 8177 kb