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Submission of DVI Files
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Creating FastLane PDF Files


Overview of FastLane TeX and LaTeX Support

FastLane now provides the option of sending NSF a single combined file consisting of a DeVice Independent (DVI) file, created from TeX/LaTeX source, and any associated PostScript figures. FastLane will combine these files, display the consolidated file back to you for confirmation, and store the resulting file for use at NSF.

FastLane Uses Portable Document Format (PDF) Files

FastLane provides reviewers and NSF staff electronic access to your proposal in PDF format. It is important to NSF, reviewers, and investigators to have readable and reproducible proposals. At least one-quarter of NSF proposal writers work in each of the following platforms: Windows, Macs, and UNIX. PDF offers reproducible results and multi-platform support for viewing and printing by reviewers and NSF staff (if the original files contain the proper format). No other mature document type permits easy viewing by reviewers and allows authors to retain margins; keep pagination and line breaks; generate files in various word processors on PCs, Macs, and UNIX systems; include and display equations; and maintain control of the position and compression of images.

NSF worked closely with Adobe and its partners to support all FastLane's users when converting their files to PDF for use at NSF. The TeX community, especially those on UNIX systems, have found it difficult to produce PDF files with clear fonts for on-screen viewing. FastLane now provides an easier process for accomplishing this.

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