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These FTC Consumer Alerts offer tips on how to recognize and avoid scams, as well as advice on other consumer issues.

  • Ads Promising Debt Relief May Be Offering Bankruptcy [TEXT] [PDF]

  • After a Disaster: Repairing Your Home [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Answering the Knock of a Business 'Opp' [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Are You Getting Telemarketing Calls You Don't Want? Here's How to Stop Them [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Avoid a School Break Bust [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Avoiding Home Equity Scams [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Avoiding the Muscle Hustle: Tips for Buying Exercise Equipment [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Beloved...Bejeweled...Be Careful: What to Know Before You Buy Jewelry [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Biothreats - Are Claims To Treat Really Just A Trick? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Bogus July 1 Email Exposed: The Real Deal on Your Credit File Privacy [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Bogus Medical Discount Plans: A Bitter Pill [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Border-Line Scams Are the Real Thing [TEXT] [PDF]

  • The Bottom Line About Multilevel Marketing Plans [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Buying a Janitorial Services Franchise: Making a Clean Sweep [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Buying a Used Car  [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Buying a Washing Machine? It's a Load-ed Question [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Buying Cashmere? Avoid Pulled Wool [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Buying Genuine American Indian Arts and Crafts [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Buying Gold and Gemstone Jewelry: The Heart of the Matter [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Can Anti-Snoring Claims Be Cause for Alarm? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Cancellation of Private Mortgage Insurance: Federal Law May Save You Hundreds of Dollars Each Year [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Cigars: No Such Thing As a Safe Smoke [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Computers For Next to Nothing: What's the Deal? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Cooling Your Home: Don't Sweat It [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Cost of "Free" Adult Content Adds Up [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Credit Card Loss Protection Offers: They're the Real Steal [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Credit Insurance: Is It for You? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Credit Repair: Help Yourself First [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Custom-ized Cons Calling [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Detect, Protect, Disinfect: Consumers Online Face Wide Choices in Security Products [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Driving Overseas? Steer Clear of Bogus International Driving Permits [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Dialing Up to the Internet: How to Stay Safe Online [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Dubious "Gas-Saving" Gadgets Can Drive You to Distraction [TEXT]

  • Eco-Speak: A User's Guide to the Language of Recycling [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Electronic Commerce: Selling Internationally. A Guide for Business [TEXT] [PDF]

  • FCC License Auctions [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Federal and Postal Job Scams: Tip-offs to Rip-offs [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Five Steps to Avoiding Office Supply Scams [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Fraud on the Line: Avoiding "Do Not Call" Scams [TEXT] [PDF]

  • 'Free Grants': Don't Take Them For Grant-ed [TEXT] [PDF]

  • "Free" and "Low-Cost" PC Offers. Go Figure. [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Free Trial Offers: Timing is Everything [TEXT] [PDF]

  • FTC Explains 'Made in USA' Standard To Confirm Consumer Confidence [TEXT] [PDF]

  • FTC Names Its Dirty Dozen: 12 Scams Most Likely To Arrive Via Bulk Email [TEXT] [PDF]

  • FTC Offers RN Application Online [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Gas-Saving Products: Proceed with Caution [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Getting Business Credit [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Getting Purse-onal [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Getting the Clear Picture on Lasik Eye Surgery [TEXT] [PDF]

  • The Gifting Club "Gotcha" [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Going Shopping? Go Global! A Guide for E-Consumers [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Green Card Lottery Scams [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Guide to the Federal Trade Commission [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Helping Victims of the Terrorist Attacks: Your Guide to Giving Wisely [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Hide and Go Seek: Finding the Disclosures in "Free" Internet Service Offers [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Hoax Targets Elderly African Americans Alert [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Holiday Shopping: Is a Sale Price Your Best Deal? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Home Equity Loans: The Three-Day Cancellation Rule [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Home Insulation Basics: Higher R-Values = Higher Insulating Values [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Home-Use Tests For HIV Can Be Inaccurate, FTC Warns [TEXT] [PDF]

  • How to Avoid Losing Your Money to Investment Frauds[TEXT] [PDF]

  • How To Be Penny Wise, Not Pump Fuelish [TEXT] [PDF]

  • How to Catch the Bandit in Your Mailbox [TEXT] [PDF]

  • How Not to Get Hooked by a 'Phishing' Scam [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Is Someone "Phishing" for Your Information? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Identity Crisis... What to Do If Your Identity Is Stolen [TEXT] [PDF]

  • In-FUR-mation Alert: How to Comply with the Fur Products Labeling Act [TEXT] [PDF]

  • International Lottery Scams [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Internet Auctions: Secrets of Success [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Investing in Rare Coins [TEXT]

  • Jingle Bells, Jingle Sells: Tips for Holiday Shopping [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Just When You Thought It Was Safe... Adv. Fee Loan "Sharks" [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Keep Your Email Address Unlisted: There Is No "National Do Not Email Registry" [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Kitchen Gadgets Offer Food for "Thaw-t" [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Lights! Camera! Rip-Off! How to Tell When a Scam is Born [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Long Distance Deals [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Look Before You Lease  [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Lotions and Potions: The Bottom Line About Multilevel Marketing Plans [TEXT] [PDF]

  • The Lowdown on Chain Letters [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Make Sure Living Trust Offers Are Trust-worthy [TEXT] [PDF]

  • More Than Once Upon a Mattress: Used Bedding Labeling Rules [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Need a Loan? Think Twice About Using Your Home as Collateral [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Negative Credit Can Squeeze a Job Search [TEXT] [PDF]

  • 'Net Based Business Opportunities: Beware of Flop-portunities? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • The "Nigerian" Scam: Costly Compassion [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Now Consumers Can Tell It to the FTC - Toll-Free [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Offers to Treat Biological Threats: What You Need to Know [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Online Auctions: Bidders Be Wary [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Online Gambling and Kids: A Bad Bet [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Online Investment Opportunities: 'Net Profit or 'Net Gloss? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • OUCH...Students Getting Stung Trying to Find $$$ for College [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Out of Work? How to Deal with Creditors [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Paunch Lines: Weight Loss Claims Are No Joke For Dieters [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Payday Loans = Costly Cash [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Petal Pushers: Is Your 'Local' Florist Really Long-Distance? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Phone, E-Mail, and Pager Messages May Signal Costly Scams [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Privacy: Tips for Protecting Your Personal Information [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Privacy: What You Do Know Can Protect You [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Problems With Holiday Purchases? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Public Safety Fund-Raising Appeals: Make Your Donations Count [PDF]

  • Putting Cold Calls on Ice [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Q&A: The FTC's Changes to the Telemarketing Sales Rule [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Radiation Shields: Do They 'Cell' Consumers Short? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Reverse Mortgages--Cashing In On Home Ownership [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Rx for Products that Claim to Prevent SARS? A Healthy Dose of Skepticism [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Safeguarding Customers' Personal Information: A Requirement for Financial Institutions [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Selling 'American-Made' Products? What Businesses Need to Know About Making Made in USA Claims [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Selling on the Internet: Prompt Delivery Rules [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Shopping for a Home Equity Loan? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Spotting Sweet-Sounding Promises of Fraudulent Invention Promotion Firms [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Spyware [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Sun-Protective Clothing: Wear It Well [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Take Charge of Your Credit [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Taking the "Bait" Out of Rebates [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Taxpayers With IRA's: FYI:  IRS Does Not Approve IRA Investments [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Thinking About a Home Improvement? Don't Get Nailed [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Tip-offs to Rip-offs (also in Spanish) [PDF]

  • Trapped in the Tangled Web: Web Scheme Diverts Consumers from Their Intended Sites [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Traveler's Advisory: Get What You Pay For [TEXT] [PDF]

  • The Truth About Impotence Treatment Claims [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Unauthorized Charges Crammed onto Your Telephone Bill? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Unsolicited Mail, Telemarketing and Email: Where to Go to "Just Say No" [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Up In Smoke: The Truth About Tar and Nicotine Ratings [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Using Internet Access Products [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Virtual "Treatments" Can Be Real-World Deceptions [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Wash Daze: Laundry Gadgets Won't Lighten the Load [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Weathering the High Cost of Heating Your Home [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Website Woes: Avoiding Web Service Scams [TEXT] [PDF]

  • What's Dot and What's Not: Domain Name Registration Scams [TEXT] [PDF]

  • What's in Your In-Box? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • When to Ditch the Cold Call Pitch [TEXT] [PDF]

  • When Yellow Pages Invoices Are Bogus [TEXT] [PDF]

  • When Your Computer Calls Overseas ...Without Your Okay [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Who's Spamming Who? Could it Be You? [TEXT] [PDF]

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