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Recipients of the NSF Director's Award for Distinguished Teaching Scholars

Recipients of the NSF Director's Award for Distinguished Teaching Scholars

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Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) has published profiles and interviews of some awardees on the Web. Links to these resources can be found under "Online Info." below.


Awardee NSF Award No., Project Title Online Info.
Alice M. Agogino
University of California, Berkeley
0428935, "Teaching and Designing Technology for Diversity" Award Abstract
Thomas F. Banchoff
Brown University
0428280, "Interactive Internet-Based Teaching and Learning in Mathematics" Award Abstract
Walter C. Oechel
San Diego State University
0428584, "Sharing the Message of Global Change Through Multimedia, Vertically Integrated Outreach Curriculum" Award Abstract
David F. Ollis
North Carolina State University
0427904, "Cross-College Collaboration of Engineering with Languages, Education, and Design" Award Abstract
Susan E. Powers
Clarkson University
0428127, "Energy and the Environment: Educating K-16 Students to Improve Energy-Related Technological and Environmental Literacy" Award Abstract
Julio J. Ramirez
Davidson College
0426266, "SOMAS: Support of Mentors and Their Students in the Neurosciences" Award Abstract
Kenneth G. Tobin
Graduate Center, City University of New York
0427570, "Use of Research to Improve the Quality of Science Education in Urban High Schools" Award Abstract
Dean A. Zollman
Kansas State University
0427645, "Modern Miracle Medical Machines: Research-Based Curriculum Enhancements for the Pre-Med Physics Course" Award Abstract


Awardee NSF Award No., Project Title Online Info.
David P. Billington
Princeton University
0308549, "Teaching the Grand Tradition of Modern Engineering Through Introductory Courses for Engineering Students and for All Other Students in Higher Education" Award Abstract
Daniel J. Klionsky
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
0308535, "Talking Biology: Active Learning in the Classroom" Award Abstract
Mary Lee S. Ledbetter
College of the Holy Cross
0308559, "Genomics in the Undergraduate Curriculum: Ion Transport and Cell Communication" Award Abstract
Chris Rogers
Tufts University
0307656, "Teaching Through Touching: Using Research to Motivate Education" Award Abstract
Henry L. Shipman
University of Delaware
0308557, "Science Teaching and Astronomy Research Synthesized (STARS)" Award Abstract
Lee Spector
Hampshire College
0308540, "Open-Ended Evolution in Visually Rich Virtual Worlds: Implementation, Analysis, and Use in Undergraduate Education" Award Abstract


Awardee NSF Award No., Project Title Online Info.
Tanya Atwater
University of California, Santa Barbara
0205928, "Animations for Visualization of Earth Processes and History" Award Abstract
PKAL Interview
Robert L. Devaney
Boston University
0205779, "Exploring Dynamical Systems: Exposing Students to Contemporary Mathematics" Award Abstract
PKAL Interview
Christopher D. Impey
University of Arizona
0205824, "New Technologies for Teaching Introductory Astronomy" Award Abstract
PKAL Interview
Richard McCray
University of Colorado, Boulder
0205947, "Transforming Introductory Undergraduate Science Courses" Award Abstract
PKAL Interview
Harold Vincent Poor
Princeton University
0205927, "The Wireless Revolution: Teaching Advanced Technology to Diverse Audiences" Award Abstract
Nicholas J. Turro
Columbia University
0205781, "An Integrated IT Approach for Teaching Undergraduates Spectroscopy and Photochemistry" Award Abstract
PKAL Interview


Awardee NSF Award No., Project Title Online Info.
Arthur B. Ellis
University of Wisconsin, Madison
0123904, "Instructional Materials for Nanoscale Science and Technology" Award Abstract
PKAL Interview
Leah H. Jamieson
Purdue University
0123884, "Fostering Effective Multidisciplinary Student Teams Through Engineering Projects in Community Service" Award Abstract
PKAL Interview
Gretchen Kalonji
University of Washington
0123913, "Multinational Project-Based Education: An Alliance for Integration of Research, Education, and Service" Award Abstract
PKAL Interview
Eric Mazur
Harvard University
0123899, "On-line Resources for Teaching with Peer Instruction" Award Abstract
PKAL Interview
Joseph O'Rourke
Smith College
0123154, "Folding and Unfolding: Making Contemporary Research in Computational Geometry Accessible to a Broad Spectrum of Students" Award Abstract
PKAL Interview
H. Eugene Stanley
Boston University
0123955, "Experiments on How to Integrate Forefront Research with Undergraduate Teaching" Award Abstract
Carl E. Wieman
University of Colorado, Boulder
0123561, "The Physics of Everyday Life: Java Applets and Interactive Lecture Demonstrations for Non-Science Students" Award Abstract
PKAL Interview

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