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Office of Polar Programs
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 2004 New Antarctic Investigators Workshop (NSF 04-32)
 Vostok accretion ice samples available
 A Lost World: Two Previously Unknown Dinosaurs Discovered in Antarctica (MA 04-07)
 Study Pinpointing Origins of Siberian Peat Bogs Raises Concerns that Arctic Thaw May Release Greenhouse Gases (NSF PR-04 06)
 USAP online image library
 NSF polar press releases and related information

 Antarctic Sciences
 Arctic Sciences
 Polar Research Support

 Government Performance and
 Results Act: OPP reports

     (Includes Committee of Visitors Reports)

 OPP Workshop Reports
 Frequently Asked Questions

Other Information

 About OPP
 OPP Office Advisory Committee
 Related Links
 Opportunities For Participation:
 Postdoctoral Fellowships in Polar
 Regions Research (NSF 04-566)

 U.S. Antarctic Program
 2002 Antarctic Proposal Workshop
             for New Investigators
 Arctic Research Program

 Polar logistic support providers
 Antarctic: Raytheon Polar
 Services Company

 Arctic: VECO Polar Resource
 Arctic: ALIAS (Arctic Logistics and

More links
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 Antarctic Research Opportunities and Proposal Guide (NSF 04-559)
 Antarctic Artists and Writers Program (NSF 04-558)
 U.S. Regulation Governing Antarctic Meteorites

Arctic Research Program (NSF04-587)

 OPP OAC Working Group on Implementation of Review Criterion #2
 OPP Guidelines and Award Conditions for Scientific Data  (OPP 9-91)

OPP deadlines and target dates


Information Technology Research (NSF 02-168) — Additional information can be found on the ITR home page at

Teachers & Researchers, Exploring and Collaborating (sponsored by the Arctic Research Consortium of United States)

U.S. annual Antarctic Treaty Information Exchange (updated April 2004)

American Society of Civil Engineers highlights South Pole Station Modernization in Civil Engineering, Vol. 70, no. 12 (December 2000)

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