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WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060

Naval Aviation Units involved in the Persian Gulf War (16 January-27 February 1991)

Carrier and Carrier Based Squadrons

Saratoga (CV 60) with CVW-17 (Tail Code AA), 7 Aug 1990-28 Mar 1991

Squadron                      Aircraft

VF-74                         F-14A+
VF-103                        F-14A+
VFA-83                        F/A-18C
VFA-81                        F/A-18C
VA-35                         A-6E, KA-6D
VAW-125                       E-2C
VAQ-132                       EA-6B
HS-3                          SH-3H
VS-30                         S-3B

John F. Kennedy (CV 67) with CVW-3 (Tail Code AC), 15 Aug 1990-28 Mar 1991

Squadron                      Aircraft

VF-14                         F-14A
VF-32                         F-14A
VA-46                         A-7E
VA-72                         A-7E
VA-75                         A-6E, KA-6D
VAW-126                       E-2C
HS-7                          SH-3H
VAQ-130                       EA-6B
VS-22                         S-3B

Midway (CV 41) with CVW-5 (Tail Code NF), 2 Oct 1990-17 Apr 1991

Squadron                      Aircraft

VFA-195                       F/A-18A
VFA-151                       F/A-18A
VFA-192                       F/A-18A
VA-185                        A-6E, KA-6D
VA-115                        A-6E, KA-6D
VAW-115                       E-2C
VAQ-136                       EA-6B
HS-12                         SH-3H
VRC-50 Det                    C-2A

Ranger (CV 61) with CVW-2 (Tail Code NE), 8 Dec 1990-8 Jun 1991

Squadron                      Aircraft
VF-1                          F-14A
VF-2                          F-14A
VA-155                        A-6E
VA-145                        A-6E
VAW-116                       E-2C
VAQ-131                       EA-6B
HS-14                         SH-3H
VS-38                         S-3A
VRC-30 Det                    C-2A

America (CV 66) with CVW-1 (Tail Code AB), 28 Dec 1990-18 Apr 1991

Squadron                      Aircraft

VF-102                        F-14A
VF-33                         F-14A
VFA-82                        F/A-18C
VFA-86                        F/A-18C
VA-85                         A-6E, KA-6D
VAW-123                       E-2C
HS-11                         SH-3H
VAQ-137                       EA-6B
VS-32                         S-3B

Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) with CVW-8 (Tail Code AJ), 28 Dec 1990-28 Jun 1991

Squadron                      Aircraft

VF-41                         F-14A
VF-84                         F-14A
VFA-15                        F/A-18A
VFA-87                        F/A-18A
VA-65                         A-6E
VA-36                         A-6E
VAW-124                       E-2C
HS-9                          SH-3H
VAQ-141                       EA-6B
VS-24                         S-3B
VRC-40 Det                    C-2A

Non-carrier Based Navy Squadrons that Participated in
Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm

Squadron                Tail Code      Aircraft

HC-1                    UP             SH-3G, SH-3H, and CH-53E
HC-2                    SA             SH-3G and CH-53E
HC-4                    HC             CH-53E
HC-5                    RB             HH-46D
HC-6                    HW             CH-46D, HH-46D, and UH-46D
HC-8                    BR             CH-46D, HH-46D, and UH-46D
HC-11                   VR             CH-46D, HH-46D, and UH-46D
HCS-4*                  NW             HH-60H
HCS-5*                  NW             HH-60H
HM-14                   BJ             MH-53E
HM-15                   TB             MH-53E
HS-75*                  NW             SH-3H
HSL-32                  HV             SH-2F
HSL-33                  TF             SH-2F
HSL-34                  HX             SH-2F
HSL-35                  TG             SH-2F
HSL-36                  HY             SH-2F
HSL-37                  TH             SH-2F
HSL-42                  HN             SH-60B
HSL-43                  TT             SH-60B
HSL-44                  HP             SH-60B
HSL-45                  TZ             SH-60B
HSL-46                  HQ             SH-60B
HSL-47                  TY             SH-60B
HSL-48                  HR             SH-60B
HSL-49                  TX             SH-60B
VC-6                    JG             Pioneer RPVs
VP-1                    YB             P-3C
VP-4                    YD             P-3C
VP-5                    LA             P-3C
VP-8                    LC             P-3C
VP-11                   LE             P-3C
VP-19                   PE             P-3C
VP-23                   LJ             P-3C
VP-40                   QE             P-3C
VP-45                   LN             P-3C
VP-46                   RC             P-3C
VP-91*                  PM             P-3C
VP-MAU*                 LB             P-3C
VPU-1                   OB             P-3
VPU-2                   SP             P-3
VQ-1                    PR             EP-3E, UP-3A, and P-3B
VQ-2                    JQ             EP-3E, EA-3B, and UP-3A
VQ-4                    HL             TC-130Q
VR-22                   JL             C-130F and KC-130F
VR-24                   JM             C-2A and CT-39G
VR-51*                  RV             C-9B
VR-52*                  JT             DC-9
VR-55*                  RU             C-9B
VR-56*                  JU             C-9B
VR-57*                  RX             C-9B
VR-58*                  JV             C-9B
VR-59*                  RY             C-9B
VR-60*                  RT             DC-9
VR-61*                  RS             DC-9
VR-62*                  JW             DC-9
VRC-30                  RW             C-2A
VRC-40                  JK             C-2A
VRC-50                  RG             C-2A, US-3A, and C-130F

* Naval Air Reserve unit.

Marine Corps Squadrons that Participated in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm

Squadron                Tail Code      Aircraft

HMA-773*                MP             AH-1J
HMA-775*                WR             AH-1J
HMH-362                 YL             CH-53D
HMH-461                 CJ             CH-53E
HMH-462                 YF             CH-53E
HMH-465                 YJ             CH-53E
HMH-466                 YK             CH-53E
HMH-772                 MT             RH-53D
   Det A*
HML-767*                MM             UH-1N
HMLA-169                TV             UH-1N and AH-1W
HMLA-269                HF             UH-1N, AH-1W, and AH-1T
HMLA-367                VT             UH-1N and AH-1W
HMLA-369                SM             UH-1N and AH-1W
HMM-161                 YR             CH-46E
HMM-164(C)              YT             CH-46E, CH-53E, UH-1N, and AH-1W
HMM-165                 YW             CH-46E
HMM-261                 TV             CH-46E
HMM-263                 EG             CH-46E
HMM-265                 EP             CH-46E
HMM-266                 ES             CH-46E
HMM-268(C)              YQ             CH-46E, CH-53E, UH-1N, and AH-1W
HMM-365                 YM             CH-46E
HMM-774*                MQ             CH-46E
VMA-231                 CG             AV-8B
VMA-311                 WL             AV-8B
VMA-331                 VL             AV-8B
VMA-513                 WF             AV-8B
   Det B
VMA-542                 CR             AV-8B
VMA(AW)-224             WK             A-6E
VMA(AW)-533             ED             A-6E
VMFA-212                WD             F/A-18C
VMFA-232                WT             F/A-18C
VMFA-235                DB             F/A-18C
VMFA-314                VW             F/A-18A
VMFA-451                VM             F/A-18A
VMFA(AW)-121            VK             F/A-18D
VMGR-252                BH             KC-130F and KC-130R
VMGR-352                QB             KC-130R
VMGR-452*               NY             KC-130T
VMO-1                   ER             OV-10A and OV-10D+
VMO-2                   UU             OV-10A, OV-10D, and OV-10D+

* Marine Corps Reserve Unit

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