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Volume 1, Number 2 ----- Fall/Winter 1998

In the Spotlight

Richard Olivieri

Richard Olivieri is a native Hawaiian. He joined the PLCO study two years ago after suffering the loss of several family members to cancer. "I have a big family -- I am one of seven children. Three of my siblings, my mother, and my wife died of cancer."

During his professional life, Richard worked for the U.S. Postal Service as a letter carrier for 35 years. He also served as a Union president for 10 years.

Since his retirement, Richard has enjoyed golfing and gardening. He is learning to cook and considers himself a "spaghetti specialist." Richard is also busy volunteering in the PLCO clinic. He travels to outreach activities and encourages others to join the PLCO study. He is pleased to have a chance to contribute to cancer research. "I think the PLCO study is very thorough and I like the staff very much."


Joseph and Delphine Banko

Joseph and Delphine Banko have shared many adventures together during their 43-year marriage. Their most recent adventure was joining the PLCO trial at Georgetown University. Like all PLCO participants, they were randomly assigned by computer to their respective trial group. The computer assigned Joseph to the usual care group and Delphine to the screening arm. Their experiences on the trial, while somewhat different, have been very positive.

"Since cancer is so prevalent and so many of our friends and relatives have been stricken with the disease, we would love to see scientists find a cure. We decided to join the PLCO trial because we thought it was a good opportunity to contribute to cancer control," the Bankos explained.

Now in retirement, the Bankos lead an active life in the Washington, DC suburbs that includes golfing, water aerobics, and daily walks. They enjoy traveling, as well as helping fellow travelers: Delphine serves as a tour guide.



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