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"It is inevitable that during conflict, that the focus will be on our weapons and their effectiveness. But we must not lose sight of the fact that it is our people that make the difference."

GEN Shelton





Air Traffic Controllers onboard the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) assist in guiding the strike aircraft in and out of Iraq while working in the CATCC (Carrier Air Traffic Control Center), Dec. 17, 1998. (U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate Second Class Michael W. Pendergrass)

Lt. Carol Watts from Strike-Fighter Squadron THREE SEVEN (VFA-37) the "Ragin' Bulls" discusses her mission into Iraq with Lt. Lyndsi Bates which was launched from the deck of the USS Enterprise (CVN 65). (U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate Third Class Tedrick E. Fryman III)

An F/A-18 "Hornet" launches from the deck of the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) as they conduct strikes on Iraq, Dec. 17, 1998. (U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate Airman Jacob L. Hollinsgworth)

An Aviation ordnanceman tightens a laser guiding device to the nose of a two thousand pound bomb onboard USS Enterprise (CVN 65). (U.S. Navy Photo by Photographer's Mate 1st Class Todd Cichonowicz)

USS Enterprise (CVN 65) steams to the southern end of it's operating area the morning after the first wave of air strikes on Iraqi targets. (U.S. Navy Photo by Photographer's Mate 1st Class Todd Cichonowicz)


OPERATION NAME: Operation Desert Fox

MISSION:  To strike military and security targets in Iraq that contribute to Iraq's ability to produce, store, maintain and deliver weapons of mass destruction.

MISSION GOALS: To degrade Saddam Hussein's ability to make and to use weapons of mass destruction.  To diminish Saddam Hussein's ability to wage war against his neighbors.  To demonstrate to Saddam Hussein the consequences of violating international obligations.

PRIMARY MISSION ASSETS: The operation employs U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps aircraft flying from the decks of the USS ENTERPRISE; U.S. Air Force and Royal Air Force aircraft operating from land bases in the region; and Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from U.S. Navy ships at sea and United States Air Force B-52s.

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