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Total Ownership Cost Reduction


Total Ownership Cost Reduction (R-TOC). Within the DoD, TOC is the sum of all financial resources necessary to organize, equip, sustain and operate military forces sufficient to meet national goals in compliance with all laws, all policies applicable to DoD, all standards in effect for readiness, safety, and quality of life, and all other official measures of performance for DoD and its Components. DoD TOC is comprised of costs to research, develop, acquire, own, operate, and dispose of weapon and support systems, other equipment and real property, the costs to recruit, retain, separate and otherwise support military and civilian personnel, and all other costs of business operations of the DoD. The actions involved in identifying opportunities and implementing initiatives that serve to reduce the cost of systems, from Concept Exploration through Disposal.

Policy and Guidance

Acrobat Document Acquisition Program Structure Guide
Acrobat Document Acquisition Reform Update
Acrobat Document Acquisition Strategy Decision Guide --DON
Acrobat Document AR InfoAlert Issue 219: Making Total Ownership Cost (TOC) Work for You
Acrobat Document AR InfoAlert Issue 301: Recognition for R-TOC Pilot and PAV SMEs
Acrobat Document CAIV and Spiral Development Implementation Plans
Acrobat Document Discussion of Lifetime Support Concepts
Acrobat Document DON Affordability and Incentives
Acrobat Document EA6-B TOC Reduction Plan for TOC/CAIV Workshop
Acrobat Document Establish a Working Group to Draft Guidelines for a DON PBL Plan
Acrobat Document Leveraging Our Total Ownership Cost (TOC) Enterprise Knowledge Through the TOC Knowledge Share Space (TKSS)
Acrobat Document LPD 17 Total Ownership Cost Program
Acrobat Document Naval Visibility & Management of Operating & Support Costs (VAMOSC) Database
Acrobat Document Navigating the Course for Acquisition Reform, Year in Review 2000
Acrobat Document Operating & Support Cost Analysis Model (OSCAM)
Acrobat Document Product Support for the 21st Century: A Program Manager's Guide to Buying Performance
Acrobat Document Sustainment Report of the Industry Affordability Task Force
Acrobat Document The Naval Research, Development & Acquisition Team 1999-2004 Strategic Plan
Acrobat Document TOC Knowledge Share Space Overview
Acrobat Document Total Ownership Cost
Acrobat Document Total Ownership Cost & Cost as an Independent Variable and their Relationship to Target Costing
Acrobat Document Total Ownership Cost - NAVSEA
Acrobat Document Virtual Town Hall Meeting, May 7, 1998, Questions and Answers


Document Cost Analysis Strategy Assessment (CASA) Model
Document Department of Defense Executive Agent for Automatic Test Systems (ATS)
Document NAVAIR Systems Command TOC

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