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News Highlights for 1997
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Dec 12, 1997 Highlights
Team in Himalayas Retrieves Ice Core from Highest-Ever Altitude
Strange S. American Fossil Mammals Found in Madagascar and India
Science Board Calls for Systematic R&D Priority-Setting
U. Vermont Wires "Smartest Bridge in the World"

Nov 21, 1997 Highlights
1997-98 Antarctic Research Season Underway.
Statement by NSB Chair Richard Zare on Domain Names.
Math Curriculum Improves Student Performance
Shake, Rattle & Roll: The Science and Engineering of Earthquakes.

Nov 07, 1997 Highlights
Scientists Conduct First Large-Scale Study of Lake Superior.
Twenty NSF-Supported Young Scientists Receive Presidential Award.
NSF Funds First Long-Term Studies of Urban Ecology.
New Technique Allows Visualization of Events in Living Cells.

Oct 16, 1997 Highlights
NSF Director Neal Lane on Award of Nobel Prizes.
NSF Awards 28 Grants for Learning and Intelligent Systems
NSF Funds Earthquake Research Centers in California, Illinois, & NY
NSF, Lucent Technologies Award Grants to Foster Industrial Ecology

Sep 26, 1997 Highlights
National Science Board to Meet in Houston.
Ships Depart to Launch Ice Station SHEBA in the Arctic Ocean.
NSF Grant Will Spur Collaboration for Internet Tools

Sep 11, 1997 Highlights
International Experiment to Study Role of Pollutants in Climate Change
Back to School with NSF: Tools and Technology Even the Learning Field
Getting to the Bootom of the Amazon: Researchers and Their Fish Stories

Aug 07, 1997 Highlights
Bizarre Life Forms Thrive Beneath the Earth's Surface
Engineering Sight: Advances in Artificial Retina Development
Preparing U.S. Students for the Twenty-First Century
Implementing GPRA

Jul 25, 1997 Highlights
New Studies of Martian Meteorite Launched
Conducting Research in the Coldest Place on Earth
Very Large Array Detects Radio Emission from Gamma-Ray Burst
Japan is on Target to Double R&D Budget

Jul 09, 1997 Highlights
Meteorite from Mars
Environments on Other Planets and Earth One and the Same?
Internet Moves Toward Privatization; IP Numbers Handled By Non-profit
New "Child Indicators" Report Offers Data to Track Children's Well-Being
Radio Telescopes in the New Movie "Contact" Dish Up Real Science

Jun 16, 1997 Highlights
Solid Curriculum and Strong Teaching Outweigh Negatives
Presidential Awards Recognize the World's Best Teaching
Let's Get the Word Out Together About Why Science Matters
Researcher Closing in on Birth Control Pill for Men

Jun 5, 1997 Highlights
Tracking Tornadoes: Nature's Most Powerful Winds
What Happened to the Real "Lost World"?
Today's teens: "Techno-Whizzes" or "Low Techies"?
Reacting to Disasters

May 23, 1997 Highlights
Today's teens: "Techno-Whizzes" or "Low Techies"?
Greenland Rocks
Next Generation Internet

May 08, 1997 Highlights
NSF Recognizes 1997 National Medal of Science Winners
Webs, Wires, Waves: The Science and Technology of Communications
NSF Announces New Computer Partnerships
Cloning and the Conundrum of Scientific Success

Apr 23, 1997 Highlights
National Science & Technology Week 1997 -- April 20-26
Are Environments on Other Planets and Earth One and the Same?
Evolution of Fish Antifreeze Gene Sheds Light on Climate History
A Safer Way to Monitor Volcanoes
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