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[Commerce Business Daily: Posted in CBDNet on July 18, 2000]
[Printed Issue Date: July 20, 2000]
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CLASSCOD: C--Architect and Engineering Services - Construction--Potential
  Sources Sought
OFFADD: U.S. Department of Commerce/National Oceanic and Atmospheric
  Administration/OFA/AGFS/AMD - OFA51
SOL 52-DGNC-1-90006
DUE 082500
DESC: This is not an announcement of a solicitation. It is the
  intent of the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) to increase the
  amount of its outsourcing. This is the announcement of a Workshop
  and a Request for Information (RFI). The Workshop will provide
  interested parties the opportunity to express their interest,
  and receive information pertinent to future contracting by
  NGS. NGS will brief potential contractors on the Coastal Mapping
  Program (CMP), (mapping the 95,000 miles of the U.S. shoreline);
  the Aeronautical Survey Program (ASP), (mapping and surveying
  1000's of airports across the U.S.); and the NGS Height Modernization
  Plan (HtMod), (using GPS to determine precise heights). The
  RFI will enable NGS to learn of potential contractor's capabilities.
  Of special interest are the characteristics of data and products
  that can be obtained from new or improved technologies, such
  as Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) and Interferometric
  Synthetic Aperture RADAR (IFSAR). These new technologies would
  potentially be used in several NGS survey programs as NGS increases
  the amount of its contracting.   The Workshop is planned
  for 9:00 a.m., September 28, 2000. The
  Workshop will be held provided there is an adequate level of
  interest and RFI responses. NGS will present a one-half day
  briefing at the Workshop on the CMP, ASP, and HtMod activities.
  The Government reserves the right to conduct interchange meetings
  during the second half of the day with individual vendors to
  discuss market capabilities. In brief, the CMP involves producing
  a digital, tide-coordinated shoreline for the U.S. The traditional
  methodology has been aerial photography, aerotriangulation,
  compilation, and final product generation. The ASP involves
  providing geodetic control at airports and using aerial photographs
  and ground surveys for airport mapping, including aircraft
  obstructions, navigational aids, and runway profiles. The HtMod
  involves using GPS ground surveys to transfer precise elevations
  throughout a network. NGS' Statement of Work (SOW) for geodetic
  control at airports has been posted on the World Wide Web (WWW)
  at: ( Summaries
  of other work planned for contract activities (including aerial
  photography, airport surveys, and shoreline compilation) are
  posted at: (  For the RFI: 1)
  Please indicate the NGS survey program or programs that you
  are addressing (contractors may address one or more programs:
  CMP, ASP, and/or HtMod); 2) Explain the technology involved
  in your approach(es) to one or more of the SOW, in 5 pages
  or less per SOW, including data acquisition, data processing,
  and final product preparation; 3) What horizontal and vertical
  accuracies are representative of your approach? By what means
  do you confirm the vertical and horizontal accuracy of your
  data? In what manner are these accuracies warrantied for a
  given dataset?; 4) Do you produce ellipsoid or orthometric
  elevation information? If producing orthometric height information,
  what methodology is used (i.e., are ellipsoid heights converted
  to orthometrics using a geoid model, or are orthometric heights
  produced directly using benchmark control on the ground?);
  5) To what horizontal and vertical datums do you reference
  your data?; 6) What quality control and quality assurance procedures
  and reporting do you use?; 7) If addressing the shoreline mapping,
  explain in detail how the exact location of the Mean Lower
  Low Water and Mean High Water shorelines will be determined,
  and explain if this procedure will be automated or manual;
  8) If addressing aircraft obstruction mapping, explain in detail
  how all obstructions will be identified and how they will be
  surveyed (horizontal and vertical); 9) Discuss limitations
  on your technological approach(es), such as weather; 10) What
  restrictions, if any, do you place on the distribution of data
  - original source, decimated versions, and derivatives - in
  the public domain? Do such restrictions vary by geographic
  location or other characteristic?; 11) What formats of data
  do you support?; 12) Are evaluation data sets available? Submit
  the RFI to: [Call: NGS information Center at 301-713-3242, FAX 301-713-4172 
  Interested parties may attend the workshop
  even if they do not submit a RFI. All interested parties are
  requested to notify NGS of their number of attendees at the
  Workshop.  No formal solicitation or contract will result
  from this synopsis for industry information. The Government
  will not pay for information provided in response to this synopsis.
  Information responding to this request should be received by
  COB on August 25, 2000. 
LINKDESC: NGS contracted projects
EMAILDESC: Click here to send questions about the workshop
CITE: (W-200 SN475958)