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Federal Logistics Information System Web Inquiry (WEBFLIS)  

There are three versions of WEBFLIS: Public Query, Restricted/Sign-on and BSM Query. Anyone with access to the Internet may access the Public Query version.

Public Query searches are:

  • NIIN
  • CAGE Code
  • Part Number
  • CAGE Code/Part Number combination

Only the NIIN, Part Number and CAGE Code/Part Number combination inquiries provide the related NSN data. The CAGE Inquiry provides a hyperlink to the Business Identification Number Cross-Reference System (BINCS), which provides CAGE Code information.

The BSM Query allows Business Systems Management (BSM) vendors to search by National Stock Number (NSN) or Federal Supply Class (FSC) to see if they are part of the BSM Release One effort. A search against an NSN will retrieve a list of associated Part Numbers/Reference Numbers and Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Codes. A search against an FSC will retrieve a list of associated NSNs and Item Names.

There are also links to the Supplier Information Resource Center (SIRC) and Customer Relationship Information Center on the BSM search page.

The Restricted/Sign-on version requires a valid userid/password to access the system. Userids may be obtained by filling out a registration form. The registration forms are found on the DLIS Web Site After accessing the Home Page, go into the Forms and Publications section and select the registration form for WEBFLIS. There are two forms available - one for government workers and one for government sponsored contractors.

Searches in the Restricted/Sign-on version include:

  • NIIN
  • CAGE Code
  • Part Number
  • CAGE Code/Part Number combination
  • Medical Keyword (up to three (3) Keywords)

Only the NIIN, Part Number and CAGE Code/Part Number combination inquiries provide the related NSN data. The CAGE Inquiry simply provides the Manufacturer's address information.

The user may select different output views for the restricted/sign-on version. Currently, FLIS output views include:

  • Identification Data
  • MOE Rule Coded Data
  • MOE Rule Decoded Data
  • Reference/Part Number Data
  • Standardization Data
  • Freight Data
  • Management/Phrase Data
  • DAAS Data
  • Interchangeability and Substitutability (I&S) Data
  • Packaging Data
  • Basic Reference Data 
  • There is both Current and Future Effective dated FLIS data available, similar to the FLIS data that users currently view in LOGRUN or GUI LOLA.

Medical Keyword Search is also available in WebFLIIS, Restricted/Sign-on version. The Medical Keyword Search provides users the ability to search for associated NSNs with medical information. The user may perform the search with up to three (3) medical keywords.

Characteristics Data will be available in the future as well as different search options. There is also an option for DLA Weapons Systems Data. DLA Weapons Systems Data is restricted to authorized Air Force users only. There is a control point at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH who authenticates the users. 

Additional Links:

Pictures for NSNs Now Available through WebFLIS:

The Restricted/Sign-on version of WebFLIS is now displaying pictures for associated NSNs. These are representative pictures only of the item of supply. As they are a generic representation, they may not look exactly like the item of production the user may receive in response to a requisition. If an NSN has a picture available, it will be displayed on the WebFLIS NIIN Output Data screen in a "thumbnail" picture. The user may click on the picture for an enlarged version of the picture. There are currently over 35,000 NSNs with pictures included. For more detailed information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section on the WebFLIS Home Page. Pictures are being displayed only in the Restricted/Sign-on version at this time. To obtain a user id/password, please fill out the WebFLIS Registration Form located at

Points of Contact for questions/problems on WEBFLIS:

Mailbox: or

DLIS Customer Service Office, 1-877-352-2255

Or contact the WEBFLIS Program Management Office at:
Commercial (269)961-4698/4627 or DSN 661-4698/4627

Points of Contact for questions/problems with the registration forms:

Mailbox: or

Commercial (269)961-4726/4164/4889 or DSN 661-4726/4164/4889

Customer Service: 1-877-352-2255 or DSN 661-7766 Email:
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