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The Ocean Sciences Synthesis Committee

Peter Brewer, MBARI
Ted Moore, U of MI

Committee Members:
Bob Beardsley, WHOI
Rainer Bleck, U of Miami
Ken Bruland, UCSC
Russ Davis, Scripps
Jody Deming, U of Wash.
Bob Detrick, WHOI
Stan Hart, WHOI
Mark Hay, UNC
Peter Jumars, U of Wash.
David Karl, UH
Cindy Lee, SUNY, SB

Susan Lozier, Duke
Donal Manahan, USC
Larry Mayer, U of Maine
Marcia McNutt, MBARI
Frank Millero, U of Miami
Mark Ohman, Scripps
Peter Rhines, U of Wash.
Eli Silver, UCSC
Sharon Smith, U of Miami
Karl Turekian, Yale
Francisco Werner, UNC, Chapel Hill

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