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News Highlights for 2001
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currencyDecember 10, 2001 Highlights
OMB Director Praises NSF Efficiency
Guide to Programs for FY 2002 Is Now Available
Spectrograph Could Identify Chemical and Biological Agents
World's Smallest Lizard Discovered in the Caribbean



graphic of Nobel Prize textNovember 26, 2001 Highlights
Internet Use Takes a Toll on Television Viewing
Scientists Succeed at First-Ever Attempt to Sequence DNA at Sea
Melting Glaciers Diminished Gulf Stream, Cooled Western Europe, During
Last Ice Age
NSF-Funded Terascale Computing System Ranks as World's Second Fastest
Earth's Ecosystems Slowed Greenhouse Gas Buildup in 1990s; Climate
Change Could Speed It


graphic of Nobel Prize textNovember 1 , 2001 Highlights
Biocapsule Can Provide Steady Insulin Supply; Potential Breakthrough for Diabetes Patients
NSF-Funded Researchers Track Alaska Seal Migration
for the First Time
Tiny Films Have Promising Future as Nanoscale "Filters"



graphic of Nobel Prize textOctober 19, 2001 Highlights
Public Bounces Back After Sept. 11 Attacks, National Study Shows
Post-Attack Grants to Study Human, Social Responses to September 11 Crisis
At WTC Search, Graduate Students Deploy Shoebox-Sized Robots
NSF Announces Institutional Transformation Awards Under "ADVANCE"
NSF Announces $43.8 Million in Awards for Arabidopsis Plant Genome Research

graphic of Nobel Prize textSeptember 30, 2001 Highlights
Nobel prizes in Science and NSF Connection
Scientists Chart Iron Cycle in Ocean
NSF Announces $156 Million in Awards for Information
Technology Research
Search of Galactic Halo Yields a Treasure Trove of Variable Stars
Big Plans on a Small Scale: NSF Funds Centers for Nanoscale Research

Laser scanning micrograph of a biologically-active-force-probeAugust 28, 2001 Highlights
Close Parallels: NSF Announces U.S.-Canada Mathematics Research Center
Small Wonders: NSF Showcases Potential of Nanotechnology
Jupiter-Size Planet Found Orbiting Star in Big Dipper
Virtual Hurricanes: Computer Model Pushes the Frontier





Dinosaur headsJuly 23, 2001 Highlights
Distributed Terascale Facility to Commence with $53 Million NSF Award
Dinosaur's Large Noses May Have Been Key to Physiological Processes
Earliest Human Ancestors Discovered in Ethiopia
Scientists Discover Secrets of 'Lost City'
Microbiologists Find a New Source of Nitrogen Fixation
New Database to Save Endangered Languages


Image of Students in classroomJuly 2 , 2001 Highlights
Big City Students Make Gains in Math and Science, Report Says
Important Pathogens and Cures Belong to Little-Known Group of Fungi
Coral Record Connects Climate Change in Three Oceans
Widespread Oceanic Photopigments Convert Light into Energy

Image of Students in classroomMay 29 , 2001 Highlights
Live on the Web, June 28th
Laser "Scalpel" Improves Popular Eye Surgery
NSF Scholarship for Service Awards Announced at Information Security Colloquium
New Form of Nitrogen: A Semiconductor
Harold Varmus, Lewis Branscomb are Honored with the Vannevar Bush Award
Protecting Plant Biodiversity Helps Safeguard Ecosystems

NSB logoMay 7, 2001 Highlights
Science Board to Host Research Priority Setting Symposium
Global Science and Technology Week, May 6-12, 2001
Scientists Release Images of Hydothermal Vents Found in the Indian Ocean
NSF Award Recognizes Wireless Pioneer
Tracking the Night Sky: Cameras Make it Easy
Scientists Suggest New Index to Capture "Flavors" of El Niño

Image of PlaneApril 4, 2001 Highlights
Evacuation Flight Lands Safely at South Pole and Rothera
NSF Requests $4.47 Billion for Fiscal 2002
Rank of U.S. Eighth Graders Internationally Is a Mixed Bag, Report Shows
Images Available: Largest Sunspot in Recent Years
Antarctic Neutrino Detector Works!
Underground Infrastructure Vulnerable to Quakes


Image of voting checkbox on computer screenMarch 12, 2001 Highlights
Internet Voting is no "Magic Ballot," Distinguished Committee Reports
Virtual Tutor Helps Hearing-Impaired Children to Learn Speech
Animated 3-D Boosts Deaf Education
Nano-Structured Diamond Coating Will Reduce Wear in Mechanical Devices

Image of Terascale Computing SytemFebruary 5 , 2001 Highlights
Terascale Computing System Comes On-Line
Glitches in Earth's Wobble Help Geophysicists Probe Planet's Core
New Predatory Dog-Sized Dinosaur Unearthed on Madagascar
Group of Microorganisms Discovered in the Open Sea
New South Pole Station Power Plant, Satellite Link Go Online


Deep Space ImageJanuary 8, 2001 Highlights
Adaptive optics and new images from the distant universe topped the NSF program at the American Astronomical Society meeting in San Diego on January 7-11, 2001
Health Issues Dominate "Wish List" of Science Discoveries
Huge New Hydrothermal Vent System Found on Seafloor
NSF Honors 409 Junior Faculty Members with 2000 Career Awards
New Non-Stick? Many Uses Possible From "Squeezed" Molecules
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