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News Highlights for 1998
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National Medal of Science

Dec 04, 1998 Highlights
National Science Medalists Named
High School Students Discover Distant Asteroid Using NSF Telescope and Education Program
Scientist Finds Asteroid Fossil that May Have Caused Global Dinosaur Extinction
Drying Rock Can Cause Repeated Earthquakes

thermal image of hand

Nov 13, 1998 Highlights
NSF Invests $10 Million in New Engineering Research Centers
NSF Awards Minority Graduate Education Grants
Scientists Propose Layered Model of Earth's Inner Core
Researcher Links Internet Behavior with Laws of Physics

power lines and pylon Oct 30, 1998 Highlights
Engineers, Economists Join to Explore Impact of Electricity Deregulation
NSF Teams with DOE to Fund Environmental Molecular Science Institutes
Summer Ends, Summer Begins as NSF Sends Teachers to the Poles
Drilling into Earth's Past, Present ... and Future

Nobel Prize Oct 16, 1998 Highlights
Awards for the Nobel Prize in Physics Chemistry and Economics
Volunteer Science Team Soars Toward Better Weather Forecasting
Major Plant Genome Research Project Grants Renewed
Top Scientists, Engineers Meet to Plan NSF'S 50th Anniversary

Hurricane Oct 2, 1998 Highlights
Researcher Uses "Doppler on Wheels" to Stare Hurricane Georges in the Eye
NSF Awards Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence Grants
Cosmic Flasher Reveals All
NSF Launches E-Bulletin

The White House Sept 18, 1998 Highlights
Presidential Awards Honor Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring
"...How I Believe Science Should Move to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century"
'Supermassive' Black Hole Found in the Center of Our Galaxy
Powerful Magnet Attracts Researchers

Students Sept 4, 1998 Highlights
Back to School: NSB Urges Response to Poor Achievement in Math & Science Education
Into the Blaze: Scientists Fly Above Raging Wildfires
Seafloor near Papua New Guinea Investigated, Known Limit of Subsurface Biosphere Extended
Microchips and Bacteria-blockers Could Help Make your Dinner Safe

Rita Rossi Colwell Aug 21, 1998 Highlights
A Change at the Top: Colwell Takes the Helm at NSF
Computer Simulation Demonstrates "Breathing" Enzyme Action
Chemical Reaction Believed to Support Underground Microbes is Now Unlikely
Farmers Learn To Manage Crops With High-Tech Precision

Los Angeles Jul 24, 1998 Highlights
All Shook Up: Unexpected Earthquake Threat to L.A.
Scientists Identify New Gene that Controls Sleep/Wake Cycle
Balance Between Work and Home Concerns Women Scientists and Engineers Most
"Virtual Human" Can Teach Sign Language

Earth and Sun Jul 10, 1998 Highlights
Americans' Interest in Science Grows but Understanding of
Scientific Concepts Still Lags
Upswing in Industrial R&D Creating Positive Economic Benefits
Growth of Information Technology is Changing the Economy; Likened in Scope to Industrial Revolution
National Science Board to Solicit Input on K-12 Science & Mathematics Education Reform

Jun 19, 1998 Highlights
New Hope in Fight Against Breast Cancer
Schoolchildren Joining Forces With a Biologist to Track a Seabird
Federal Obligations for Academic Science and Engineering Decline
Innovative Kids Use Science to Attack Social Issues

Jun 05, 1998 Highlights
Remarkable Skull of Predatory Dinosaur Unearthed on Madagascar
National Institute for Science Education Graduate Forum, June 29-30
NSB Hearing Highlights Importance of Informal Education
Automatic Observatories Watch Upper Atmosphere from Antarctica

May 22, 1998 Highlights
New, Surprising Picture Emerges of Sub-Seafloor Magma Formation
National Science Board to Solicit Public Input on Science Education
Sleepy Adolescents? Students Learn About Biological Clocks
Panel Reports on State of U.S. Mathematics

May 08, 1998 Highlights
National Science Board Honors
Global Seismic Network Now Extends to the Deep Oceans
New Insight Into Protein Structure May Lead to "Designer Drugs"

Apr 24, 1998 Highlights
Exploring Polar Connections
Infant Dependency Drives Menopause
Scientists Find Further Global Warming Evidence
Shuttle Mission's "Neulolab" Studies Nervous System

Apr 10, 1998 Highlights
El Nino Rains Bring Bonanza of Spring Flowers
Training Center's Opening Highlights Technological Workforce Needs
Six States Account for Half the Nation's R&D
PBS to Air "Live From the Poles"

Mar 27, 1998 Highlights
New Fossil Links Birds and Dinosaurs
NSF and NSI End Portion of Domain Name Fees
Helping Kids Become Young Scientists
PBS' Nova Program to Receive Public Service Award

Mar 13, 1998 Highlights
NSB Offers Recommendations
Exploring Polar Connections
Enrollments in S and E Continue Downward Move
Crack Resistant Surfaces

Feb 27, 1998 Highlights
Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence
High-Performance Computer Network
12th Graders' Math and Science Performance

Feb 06, 1998 Highlights
NSF Director Neal Lane on the Fiscal Year 1999 Budget Request
Oceanographers Study Toxic Organism that Contaminates Shellfish
Minerals Behave Differently at High Pressures
Newly Declassified Submarine Data Will Help Study of Arctic Ice

Jan 23, 1998 Highlights
NYU to Operate Institute for Civil Infrastructure Systems
Clinton Honors Outstanding Math & Science Teachers
Finding the Cell Doors
Ocean pH May Be Unsung Player in Climate Change

Jan 09, 1998 Highlights
Statement By NSF Director Neal Lane
Y2K Problem Goes Beyond Computers, Says Expert
Clinton Honors Recipients of Awards
Elevated CO2 Helps Plants Survive Cold Weather
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