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News Highlights for 2000
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Medal of ScienceDecember 4 , 2000 Highlights
Diverse Group of Researchers Receives the 2000 National Medals of Science
Genetic Triggers Keep Plants "On Schedule"
New Grid Portal to Improve U.S. Researchers' Access to Advanced Computing Resource
NSF Honors 409 Junior Faculty Members with 2000 Career Awards

Double Asteroid 90 AntiopeNovember 8, 2000 Highlights
Astronomers Find Surprising Double Asteroid and a New Asteroid Moon
NSF-Funded Scientists to Examine Environment at the Molecular Level
NSF Supports American Indian Tribal College Projects to Improve Math and Science Instruction
New Ergonomic Keyboard Relieves Wrist Pain

Nobel PrizeOctober 16, 2000 Highlights
NSF Director Rita Colwell Congratulates Nobel Laureates in Science
Federal Agencies Join Hands for Second Year of Leading-Edge Education Research
International Research Group Sequences Genome of Ubiquitous Microbe
Powerful Telescope Array Will Study the Stars

 September 25, 2000
NSF Announces First Awards in New Information Technology Research Initiative
California Researchers Devise Quick Vision Test
NSF Awards $89 Million to 13 U.S. Cities to Improve Urban Math & Science Teaching
NSF Boosts Research for Understanding Structure and Function of Complex Plant Genomes

PSC terascale system August 25, 2000 Highlights
Terascale Computing System will come on-line in February 2001
"Gatekeeper" Protein Is Key to Cellular Life
NSF Supports Workshop on Internet Voting
Airborne Sea Salt Particles Influence Air Pollution



The Rutgers Master-II July 28, 2000 Highlights
Human-Computer Interaction Gets a Helping Hand, Eye and Voice
Pulsars Much Older Than Thought, Astronomers Say
NSF-Funded Researchers Discover Evidence of Microscopic Life at the South Pole
NSF-Funded Scientists Discover Bizarre, 70-Million-Year-Old Crocodile Fossil
Researchers Grant New Life to Old Tires

Science and Engineering Indicators 2000 June 23, 2000 Highlights
Science and Engineering "In Transition" as a New Century Begins
New Test for Presence of Nitric Oxide Could Improve Medical Knowledge
New England Experienced "Ice Age" El Niño
Discovery of Fossil Mollusks in Alaska Links Histories of Arctic Ocean and Isthmus of Panama
Astronomers Win Protection for Key Part of Spectrum


Mid-Atlantic Coast Map June 2, 2000 Highlights
Seafloor Off Mid-Atlantic Coast Highly Charged with Gas
Exploring the Far Frontiers of Sea and Space
Humanity's First 'Oyster Bar' - Stone Tools Push Back Date of Earliest Use of Marine Resources
Membrane Protein Research Yields New Insights into Inner Workings of the Cell
NSF Awards High Performance Connections to Ten Institutions


Celebrating 50 YearsMay 10, 2000 Highlights
NSF50: Celebrating 50 Years
NSF50 Launches Yearlong Program and Partnership
Cosmologists Obtain Images of Early Universe
Philip and Phylis Morrison, and Science Service Picked for NSB Public Service Awards


solar imageApril 7, 2000 Highlights
Solar "Heartbeat" Discovered
Motion of Massive Antarctic Ice Berg Causes Another Immense Berg to "Calve"
Innovation Effort Seeks to "Grease the Skids"
NSF Honors Yale Biochemist Jennifer Doudna with the Alan T. Waterman Award
Automated North Pole Station Will Take the Pulse of the Arctic Ocean


Medal of ScienceMarch 13, 2000 Highlights
See the Medals of Science Live
Newfound Quasar Wins Title: "Most Distant in the Universe"
Report Shows Students Improving in Math and Science Preparation
Global Seismographic Network Establishes Internet Connection to Remote Africa
Marine Biology Course Uses Antarctica as its Classroom


FY 2001 Budget February 7, 2000 Highlights
President Seeks More Than $4.5 Billion Budget in 2001
NSF Director Rita R. Colwell on the President's Proposed Increase
Twelve Pioneering Researchers Will Receive the 1999 National Medal of Science
Algal Food Quality, Not Quantity, Critical Factor in Healthy Lake Ecosystems


Arabidopsis thaliana January 14, 2000 Highlights
Scientists Report First Complete DNA Sequence of Plant Chromosomes
Earthquake Network Intended to Help Save Lives and Money
Bacteria May Thrive in Antarctic Lake
Tiny Sensors Could Detect Patients' Signs
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