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Consumer Information Business Information En Espanol

New: Now you can get consumer information from the FTC two ways: Click on TEXT or PDF for written information or click on TEXT, RAM or MP3 for an audio file that features one minute of related information from Shirley Rooker, director of WTOP's Call for Action.

Consumer Information

  • "900" Numbers: FTC Rule Helps Consumers [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Buying Time: The Facts About Pre-Paid Phone Cards [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Prepaid Phone Cards (audio) [TEXT] [RAM] [MP3]

  • Prepaid Calling Cards (audio) [TEXT] [RAM] [MP3]

  • Cramming: Mystery Phone Charges [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Cramming Phone Charges (audio) [TEXT] [RAM] [MP3]

  • Guide to the Federal Trade Commission [TEXT] [PDF]

  • International Telephone Number Scams [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Long Distance Deals [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Making Sense of Long Distance Advertising [TEXT]

  • Phone, E-Mail, and Pager Messages May Signal Costly Scams [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Radiation Shields: Do They 'Cell' Consumers Short? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Toll Free Telephone Number Scams [TEXT] [PDF]

  • Unauthorized Charge$ On Your Phone Bill? [TEXT]

  • Unauthorized Charges Crammed onto Your Telephone Bill? [TEXT] [PDF]

  • When Your Computer Calls Overseas ...Without Your Okay [TEXT] [PDF]

Business Information

  • Complying with the 900-Number Rule [TEXT] [PDF]

Policy Statements

  • Joint FCC/FTC Policy Statement For the Advertising of Dial-Around And Other Long-Distance Services To Consumers [PDF]

  • Rules and Acts  Pay-Per-Call Rule (current) [PDF]

  • Telecommunications Act of 1996 [TEXT]

  • Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act of 1992 [TEXT]

  • Rule Review Pay-Per-Call Rule Review Proposed Changes [TEXT]

Staff Opinions

  • Cohn-Brecher (09/29/999) [TEXT]

  • Cohn-Ellyatt (09/29/99) [TEXT]

Business Resources
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En Español

  • Escudos de Radiación: ¿Afectan las células de los consumidores? [TEXT] [PDF]
    Radiation Shields: Do They 'Cell' Consumers Short?


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