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 Public Health Interventions and SARS Spread, 2003, D.M. Bell
 Topographic Changes in SARS Coronavirus–infected Cells during Late Stages of Infection, M.-L. Ng et al.
 Nucleocapsid Protein as Early Diagnostic Marker for SARS, X.-Y. Che et al.
Current Issue
Volume 10, Number 10—October 2004


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 Current Epidemiology of Pneumocystis Pneumonia, A. Morris et al.
 Dihydropteroate Synthase Gene Mutations in Pneumocystis and Sulfa Resistance, L. Huang et al.
 Strain Typing Methods and Molecular Epidemiology of Pneumocystis Pneumonia, C.B. Beard et al.
 West Nile Virus Economic Impact, Louisiana, 2002, A. Zohrabian et al.

long_line.gif (237 bytes)
 Laboratory Diagnosis of Four Recent, Sporadic Cases of Community-acquired SARS, Guangdong Province, China, G. Liang et al.
 Virus-specific RNA and Antibody from Convalescent-phase SARS Patients Discharged from Hospital, H.N. Leong et al.
 Fluoroquinolone Resistance in Penicillin-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae Clones, Spain, A.G. de la Campa et al.
 Sulfa Use, Dihydropteroate Synthase Mutations, and Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia, C.R. Stein et al.
 Molecular Evidence of Interhuman Transmission of Pneumocystis Pneumonia among Renal Transplant Recipients Hospitalized with HIV-Infected Patients, M. Rabodonirina et al.
 Egg Quality Assurance Programs and Egg-associated Salmonella Enteritidis Infections, United States, G.A. Mumma et al.
 Dengue Emergence and Adaptation to Peridomestic Mosquitoes, A.C. Moncayo et al.
 Escherichia coli and Community-acquired Gastroenteritis, Melbourne, Australia, R.M. Robins-Browne et al.
 Disease Susceptibility to ST11 Complex Meningococci Bearing Serogroup C or W135 Polysaccharide Capsules, North America, A.J. Pollard et al.
 Genetic and Transmission Analysis of Helicobacter pylori Strains within a Family, J. Raymond et al.
 Syndromic Surveillance for Influenzalike Illness in an Ambulatory Care Network, B.D. Miller et al.
 Epidemiology and Cost of Nosocomial Gastroenteritis, Avon, England, 2002–2003, B.A. Lopman et al.
 Geographic and Temporal Trends in Influenzalike Illness, Japan, 1992–1999, T. Sakai et al.

long_line.gif (237 bytes)
 Nosocomial Acquisition of Dengue, D. Wagner et al.
 Fatal Naegleria fowleri Meningoencephalitis, Italy, P.E. Cogo et al.
 Long-term SARS-Coronavirus Excretion from Patient Cohort, China, W. Liu et al.
 Campylobacteriosis, Eastern Townships, Québec, S. Michaud et al.
 Scrub Typhus in the Republic of Palau, Micronesia, A.M. Durand et al.
 Laboratory-acquired Brucellosis, S. Noviello et al.
 Emerging Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Strains? T.A.T. Gomes et al.
 Novel Recombinant Sapovirus, K. Katayama et al.
 Escherichia coli O157 Cluster Evaluation, A. Gupta et al.
 Mycobacterium triplex Pulmonary Disease in Immunocompetent Host, C. Piersimoni et al.
 Arcobacter Species in Humans, O. Vanderberg et al.
 Mycobacterium goodii Infections Associated with Surgical Implants at Colorado Hospital, D.D. Ferguson et al.

long_line.gif (237 bytes)
 SARS Patients and Need for Treatment, J.W.M. Chan and S. Lee
 Influenza among U.K. Pilgrims to Hajj, 2003, H. El Bashir et al.
 Human Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, Sénégal, P. Nabeth et al.
 Streptomyces thermovulgaris Bacteremia in Crohn's Disease Patient, M.B. Ekkelenkamp et al.
 Human West Nile Virus, France, P. Del Giudice et al.
 Nosocomial Transmission of Dengue, Z. Nemes et al.
 Occupational Malaria Following Needlestick Injury, A.P. Tarantola et al.
 SARS in Teaching Hospital, Taiwan, Y.-C. Chen et al.

Boiling and Bacillus Spores, E.W. Rice et al.

News and Notes

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 Conference Summary
New and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases,
R. Docampo
 In Memoriam: Aniru Conteh (1942–2004)
Molecular Techniques and the True Content of Reality,
P. Potter

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