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Providing Information for Best Value Awards

Welcome to the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS). PPIRS is a web-enabled, government-wide application that provides timely and pertinent contractor past performance information to the Federal acquisition community for use in making source selection decisions. PPIRS assists Federal acquisition officials make source selections by serving as the single source for contractor past performance data. Confidence in a prospective contractor's ability to satisfactorily perform contract requirements is an important factor in making best value decisions in the acquisition of goods and services.

PPIRS provides a query capability for authorized users to retrieve report card information detailing a contractor's past performance. Federal regulations require that report cards be completed annually by customers during the life of the contract. PPIRS functions as the central warehouse for performance assessment reports received from the following Federal performance information collection systems:

    • Contractor Performance System (CPS)
    • Past Performance Data Base (PPDB)
    • Past Performance Information Management System (PPIMS)
    • Construction Contractor Appraisal Support System (CCASS)
    • Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS)

Government access is restricted to those individuals who are working on source selections. Contractors may view only their own data. Contractor access to PPIRS is gained through the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) ( process. A contractor must be registered in CCR and must have created a Marketing Partner Identification Number (MPIN) in the CCR profile to access their PPIRS information.

PPIRS is sponsored by the DOD E-Business Office and administered by the Naval Sea Logistics Center Detachment Portsmouth.

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