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Legal issues and Section 508 compliance

This page covers important legal and policy issues. It is divided into three sections: DoD Policy update, Legal Guidance, and Meeting Notes. The advice listed below has been taken from informal discussions with attourneys familiar with the issues involved with disability law. Take these comments as good practices guidance, but in case of doubt, consult with a legal professional directly before acting on the advice presented here.

Legal Guidance
Fed Web Business Council Notes from 4/11/2001
Exemptions from Section 508

DoD policy update

TBA - specific details and a new statement to be posted.

508 Compliance legal tests

On 5/9/2001, several presenters from Crunchy Technologies came to demo their testing and compliance tool, PageScreamer 2.0, to a group of Air Force webmasters. In the course of the demonstration, a number of the legal consequences were discussed. One of the presenters was Colin Mitchell, their director of commercial sales and an attourney. He made the following points about 508 law:

Important points of law and technology

Here are notes from a meeting of the Federal Web Business Council, held downtown Washington DC. The speakers were as follows:

Exemptions from 508 requirements:

These notes were also taken from a meeting of the Federal Web Business Council, held on 5/24/2001. The legal opinions were expressed by Mr. Ken Nakata, of the US Department of Justice. Return to AFPCA 508 Compliance Homepage      Return to A-Prompt demo page      Return to Bobby demo page      Information about site-based search engines