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Supplier Audit Program Audit Cover Sheet On-line System

To gain access you will be required to submit a User Access Request Form

Link to Supplier Quality at General Dynamics/Electric Boat

Description: [top]

Supplier audits are focused primarily on process control. They are not intended to take the place of Pre-Award Surveys, Product-Oriented Surveys or Quality System Reviews. Participation in the Supplier Audit Program is open to NAVSEA, Naval Inventory Control Point, public and private shipyards who have a responsibility to monitor the acquisition of material to higher level quality standards such as NAVSEA TL855-AA-STD-010, NAVSEA 0948-LP-045-7010 and others. Primary participants include Naval Sea Systems Command, Electric Boat Corporation, Newport News Shipbuilding, Naval Inventory Control Point, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. [top]

Security Access Levels [top]

Viewing a recorded Process Audit Cover Sheet:

All Government activities and employees that have a PDREP user ID and Password can view the Process Audits.

All Private Shipbuilding Lead Activities (Primary Participants in the Supplier Audit Program) and employees that have a PDREP user ID and Password can view Process Audits.

Suppliers can view only the completed Audits on their Companies.

Inputting a recorded Process Audit Cover Sheet:

All Designated Lead Activities (Supplier Audit Program Participants) that have completed a Process Audit Check Sheet of a covered Supplier.

Modifying or Deleting a recorded Process Audit Cover Sheet:

Lead Activities can modify or delete only those records that they input into the system. It is incumbent upon the lead activity to specify which of their employees having a PDREP user ID and Password will have the right to modify their Lead Activities Summary Process Audit Sheets.


Security of Supplier Audit Program information [top]

We have made every effort to ensure the privacy and integrity of the Process Audit information provided. All account information is kept confidential and secure using the following measures:

A unique User Identification and password is issued to every PDREP or Supplier Audit Program participant.

Security is also provided through a browser which supports 128 bit encryption with the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security protocol so that all account and Process Audit information data will be encrypted when transmitted across the Internet. [top]

Hardware/Software Requirements [top]
To use the Supplier Audit Program Online, you will need to have access to the internet along with the following hardware and software:

  • A PC with a 486-class processor with 8 megabytes of RAM or greater.
    (16 megabytes of RAM is strongly recommended.)
  • Windows 95, or Windows NT.
    (NOTE: Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroup users will not be able to view or print the SAP forms. They will receive a blank web page where the form should be located. We are currently working to resolve this problem.)
  • Netscape Navigator v 4.0 or greater is required. Microsoft Internet Explorer v4.0 may also be used, but is not recommended. See Security Information for details.


Technical Service Support [top]
The point of contact for technical support or questions is:

Help Desk
DSN: 684-1712, x486
Comm: 603-431-9460, ext. 486
Fax: 603-431-9464


Process Audit Reports [top]
1. Metallurgical/Chemical LaboratoryTesting pdf word
2. Hydrostatic Testing pdf word
3. Non-destructive testing pdf word
4. Calibration pdf word
5.Inspection and Testing pdf word
6. Material Control (Including Level 1/Subsafe) pdf word
7. Document and Data Control- pdf word
8. Painting and Surface Preparation pdf word
9.Control of Suppliers/Subcontractors Flowdown of Customer Requirements pdf word
10.First Article, Factory acceptance and Individual Acceptance testing pdf word
11. Receiving Inspection pdf word
12. Non-conforming Material Control pdf word
13. Component/System Cleanliness pdf word
14. Torque pdf word
15. Supplier Control of Objective Quality Evidence and Material traceability pdf word
16. Packaging and Preservation pdf word
17. Final/Ship Out Inspection pdf word
18. Electrical Testing pdf word
19. Flame Spray pdf word
20. Customer Contract/Purchase Order Review pdf word
21. Internal Quality Audits pdf word
22. Welding pdf word
23. Heat Treat pdf word
24. Plating pdf word
25. Soldering Controls pdf word
26. Fastener Test Methods ASTM F 606 pdf word
27. Teflon Coating (Repair of Ball Valves) pdf word
28. Braze/Brazing Process pdf word





Send questions/comments to:
Customer Support Desk
Voice Phone: (603) 431-9460 ext. 486    DSN 684-1690 ext. 486

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