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Forensic Science Communications
July 2004 – Volume 6 – Number 3 

Table of Contents
Research and Technology
An Overview of Steganography for the Computer Forensics Examiner
   Gary C. Kessler
Microscopy of Hair Part II: A Practical Guide and Manual for Animal Hairs
   Douglas W. Deedrick and Sandra L. Koch
Specialized Use of Human Scent in Criminal Investigations
   Rex A. Stockham, Dennis L. Slavin, and William Kift
A Case Study of Forensic Scientist Turnover
   W. Mark Dale and Wendy S. Becker
Public Forensic Laboratory Budget Issues
   Perry Michael Koussiafes
Case Report
DNA from a Computer Keyboard
   Ana Castello, Mercedes Alvarez, and Fernando Verdu
Standards and Guidelines
Quality Assurance Audit for Forensic DNA and Convicted Offender DNA Databasing Laboratories
   Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods
Revised Validation Guidelines
   Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods
Report on the Current Activities of the Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods Y-STR Subcommittee
   Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods
   Y-STR Subcommittee
Meetings and Conferences
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