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Forensic Science Communications
July 2003 – Volume 5 – Number 3  
Table of Contents
  Research and Technology  
    A Paucity of Operable Case Facts Restricts Applicability
of the Guilty Knowledge Technique
in FBI Criminal Polygraph Examinations

   John A. Podlesny

Improved Fingerprint Visualization Using Luminescence
and Visible Reflectance Chemical Imaging

   David L. Exline, Rebecca L. Schuler, and Patrick J. Treado

Identification Characteristics of PLA Fibers:
A New Generic Fiber Type

   Heather A. Velez
  Short Communication  
    FBI’s New Laboratory Building
  Book Review  
    Suspect Identities:
A History of Fingerprinting and Criminal Identification
by Simon A. Cole
   Reviewed by Rebecca L. Schwartz
  Meetings and Conferences  
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