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There is a new way you can move around within the site.

Tabbed Menu Bar: In the upper portion of the web page you will see different "tabs" with linking words on each tab, going horizontally across the page. These tabs take you to information about the particular area you are at in the website. The tab that is highlighted indicates the page you are on while the other are "faded" in the background. An example of a tabbed menu navigation bar appears below. This example tells you that you are at the "Related Websites" tab of the Helpful Contacts tool.


  • The Search page – Please complete two easy steps to find the helpful contacts available in your area. Step 1 helps you select whether you would like to search for helpful contacts by Organization or Topic Area(s). Step 2 helps you further narrow down your search by providing a list or organizations or topic area(s).

  • The Results page provides you with the contact information for the organization(s) you selected.

  • The Related Websites section allows you to access other websites that can provide additional help or information that is not presented on the website.

  • The Resources page allows you to download the data used for the Helpful Contacts database onto your computer.

Thank you for using the Helpful Contacts tool. We hope it will make your helpful contacts search easier.

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