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Certain areas of are best viewed by using recent versions of Internet browsers. If you are using an older browser version, you may have trouble viewing the Medicare Search Tools. You can find out what version of your browser you are using by choosing "Help" at the top of your browser and "About (your browser)".

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Adobe Printing helpful hints are also provided to assist you with printing documents in Adobe Acrobat, and the different page numbering formats in Adobe Acrobat.

Using the Download Databases

You have the option of downloading the database data onto your computer. If you wish to download this data, please realize that downloading may take some time, depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the file.

For more information about Download Databases, please go to the Download Database page.


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We have provided a "Printable-Version" link on all pages of The "Printable Version" feature removes the top, left, bottom, and right tool bars and reformats the page so you can fit more text on each page when printing. You can leave the "Printable-Version" page by using the "back" button on your browser, or by clicking on the "Return to Previous Page" link.

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Once you select screen reader, you will remain there throughout the rest of your session. This allows users who are blind or visually impaired continued access to the site, without having to select Screen Reader on every page they access. To exit out of Screen Reader, click on the "Return to non-screen reader version" link at top left corner of the page.

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