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Participating Physician Directory Search Help

Here are some tips that will help you search for the information you need:

Step 1: You must first choose a search option. You may choose to search by Geography, Distance from Location, or by Last Name of a physician.

  • For Geography searches: you must either select the State or County option. By choosing the State option, you search the entire state. By choosing a county, you will search a particular county in Step 1a.
  • For Distance from Location searches: you must enter the name of the City and select a State OR enter a ZIP code. Then you choose the distance in Step 1a.
  • For Name searches: enter the physician’s last name or at least the first two letters of the last name and select the state that you wish to search.

Step 2: Select a specialty group and specialty type. There may be more than one specialty type for each specialty group.

Step 3: After choosing your search criteria, select the “Find A Physician!” button.

You will be taken to a “Results” section. You will see a “Quick Results” page containing a list of physicians, their phone numbers and their address. For Physicians with more that one location, the number of locations will be listed in the address field. You can click this link to list all the locations' addresses.

  • We limit search results to 250 physicians. If your search returns more than 250, you will be asked to refine your search. We show 20 physicians on each page. This helps you get results faster. You can click on the page numbers across the top to see all the pages listing physicians in your search area.
  • If you would like more specific details on the physician you selected, click on the physician’s name. A page will appear providing you with the following data:
    • Physician Specialties
    • Board Certification
    • Education (Medical School and Year of Graduation)
    • Gender
    • Foreign Language(s)
    • Hospital Affiliation
    • Physician Name
    • Address and Phone Number (per location)
    • Training - Residency and Internship

Printing Physician Directory

If you want to print or see the Participating Physician Directory information on fewer pages, click on "Printable-Version" at the top right hand corner. This will remove the borders of the website pages. To return to the original page, click return to previous page at the top.

Changing the Font Size

At the top of your screen, select: View,Fonts (if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer) at the top of your screen; or Options, General Preferences, Fonts (if you are using Netscape) at the top of your screen.

Choose a font that is comfortable for you to see. A medium font will fit most charts on one page. If you choose a large font, the print may be easier to read, but you may have to scroll from left to right to see some parts of the charts.


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