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Medical Evacuation Flight Dispatched to Antarctica (PR 04-045)
Added Apr 08 2004

Rare "Tumbleweed" Survives Antarctic Conditions: Rover Designed to Seek Water in Ice Caps on Other Worlds (PR 04-024)
Added Mar 03 2004

Evidence of a "Lost World": Antarctica Yields Two Unknown Dinosaur Species (PR 04-025)
Added Feb 26 2004

A Lost World: Two Previously Unknown Dinosaurs Discovered in Antarctica (MA 04-07)
Added Feb 24 2004

Study Pinpointing Origins of Siberian Peat Bogs Raises Concerns that Arctic Thaw May Release Greenhouse Gases (PR 04-06)
Added Jan 16 2004

NSF Invites Media to Report on U.S.-Sponsored Antarctic Research (2003-2004 Season) (MA 03-26)
Added May 09 2003

Crossing Alaska By Snowmobile in Search of Climate-Change Clues (PR 02-20)
Added Mar 26 2002

Researchers Describe Overall Water Balance in Subglacial Lake Vostok (PR 02-019)
Added Mar 22 2002

Video, Stills Available: Unprecedented Antarctic Ice Calls for Twice the Normal Icebreaking Muscle (MA 02-17)
Added Mar 13 2002

NSF Invites Media to Report on Arctic Research Cruise to Study Early Indicators of Climate Change (MA 02-16)
Added Mar 13 2002

Runway Project Clears the Way for Improved Antarctic Airlift (PR 02-14)
Added Feb 22 2002

Enormous Iceberg May Be in Its Death Throes (PR 02-12)
Added Feb 15 2002

NSF to Support Study of Environmental Warming in the Arctic (PR 02-11)
Added Feb 08 2002

Pondering a Climate Conundrum in Antarctica (PR 02-03)
Added Jan 16 2002

Scientists Use Seals as "Underwater Eyes" (PR 02-04)
Added Jan 16 2002

Giant Icebergs, Unprecedented Ice Conditions Threaten Antarctic Penguin Colonies (PR 01-108)
Added Dec 27 2001

Robotic Aircraft Provide a New Tool to Conduct Arctic Climate Studies (PR 01-41)
Added May 17 2001

NSF-Supported Teams Provide New Data on Early Moments of the Universe (PR 01-38)
Added Apr 30 2001

Evacuation Flight Lands Safely at South Pole (PR 01-37)
Added Apr 25 2001

New Zealand Aircraft to Fly Mission to U.S. McMurdo Station (PR 01-34)
Added Apr 20 2001

Civilian Aircraft to Evacuate South Pole Patient (PR 01-29)
Added Apr 13 2001

NSF Weighs Options for Treating South Pole Patient (PR 01-28)
Added Apr 11 2001

Antarctic Remediation Underway (PR 01-13)
Added Feb 23 2001

New South Pole Station Power Plant, Satellite Link Go Online (PR 01-04)
Added Jan 24 2001

Construction of New South Pole Station Begins Environmental Upgrades to be Completed, Satellite Link Built (PR 00-78)
Added Oct 17 2000

Antarctic Research Season to Highlight Seal Ecology, Microscopic Life, Cosmic Origins (PR 99-53)
Added Sep 10 1999

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