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Assessing Program Performance for the
FY 2004 Budget

The Administration has taken unprecedented steps to reform the budget process by establishing a systematic, consistent process for developing program performance ratings and then using that information to make budget decisions. To enhance the practical use of performance information, OMB, in collaboration with other Federal agencies, has developed the Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART), comprised of assessment criteria on program performance and management. The PART establishes a high, "good government" standard of performance and will be used to rate programs in an open, public fashion. Ratings for 20 percent of programs will be published in the FY 2004 Budget, and the basis for the rating made available to the public.

The PART and other guidance regarding program performance assessments for the FY 2004 Budget may be obtained by clicking on the appropriate bullet(s) below: -- competitive grant programs [Excel]
-- block/formula grant programs [Excel]
-- regulatory-based programs [Excel]
-- capital assets and service acquisition programs [Excel]
-- credit programs [Excel]
-- research and development programs [Excel]
-- direct federal programs [Excel]