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Supports research on the natural evolution of Earth's climate with the goal of providing a baseline for present variability and future trends through improved understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological processes that influence climate over the long-term.

The annual Earth System History (ESH) competition in global change research provides support for research in several focussed areas of paleoclimate science (www.nsf.gov/geo/egch/gc_esh.html). Proposals involving research topics within ESH are not eligible for support in the Paleoclimate Program.

Researchers are strongly advised to contact the Director of the Paleoclimate Program for guidance as to the suitability of their proposed research for the Paleoclimate Program or the ESH competition.

Target Dates and Deadlines

Proposals are welcome at any time during the year for the Paleoclimate Program but, investigators are encouraged to submit proposals early in the fiscal year. Proposals to the ESH competition must adhere to the current deadline.

Program Contact(s)

David Verardo
Program Director
Phone: 703.292.8527
Fax: 703.292.9022
Email: dverardo@nsf.gov


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