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Office and Administrative Services and Temporary Administrative and Professional Support

Office and Administrative Services

Federal Supply Schedule 69, Security and Law Enforcement Training, customers can purchase training services such as:

  • Domestic Terrorism - focuses on crisis management;
  • Handgun and Rifle Use - customers can improve their rifle and handgun skills;
  • Defensive Handgun Use - customers can learn or improve in the areas of barricade, low light, weak-hand shooting and Marksmanship skills;
  • Interview and Interrogation - provides interrogation techniques studies; and
  • Computer investigations and Forensics - focuses on hacking, telecommunications fraud, collection and preservation of computer evidence.

Customers can also purchase teaching machine devices from companies offering state-of-the-art product models and simulators in areas such as armor range and target systems.

Human Resources and Equal Employment Services can be purchased from Schedule 738X.  Under this schedule, customers can purchase screening, recruitment, ADR, and EEO services.

Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing (TAPS)

GSA provides our customers a Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing (TAPS) Federal Supply Schedule 736 for their temporary needs.  Whether the need is because of jury duty, long-term illness, family emergencies, downsizing, heavy workload, short-fuse project, specialized expertise, or other issues, TAPS is your solution.

TAPS is nationwide and worldwide offering quality people to meet your deadline.   Within 24 hours, private Industry Experts on TAPS can provide customers with proven and qualified temporary associates who can work a short time or from an initial 120 consecutive workdays up to a maximum 240 consecutive workdays.

Types of positions found under this program include clerical secretary, legal secretary, medical secretary, receptionist, general clerk, administrative clerk, audit clerk, accounting clerk, computer operator, court reporter, stenotype operator, transcribing machine operator, accounting support, auditor support, contract support, contract support, desktop publisher, environmental analyst, environmental technician, executive secretary, graphic designer, legal support, librarian, and much more.

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