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Program Introduction

Biocomplexity in the Environment  (BE)
Program Introduction

Biocomplexity refers to the dynamic web of often surprising interrelationships that arise when components of the global ecosystem - - biological, physical, chemical, and the human dimension - - interact.   Investigations of "Biocomplexity in the Environment" are intended to provide a more complete understanding of natural processes and cycles, of human behaviors and decisions in the natural world, and of ways to use new technology effectively to observe the environment and sustain the diversity of life on Earth. This special competition promotes comprehensive, integrated investigations of environmental systems using advanced scientific and engineering methods.   The concept of biocomplexity stresses the richness of biological systems and their capacity for adaptation and self-organizing behavior.   By placing biocomplexity studies in an environmental context, this competition emphasizes research with the following characteristics:
A high degree of interdisciplinary activity;
A focus on complex environmental systems that include
interactions of non-human biota or humans; and
A focus on systems with high potential for exhibiting
non-linear behavior.

Deadlines for the "Biocomplexity in the Environment" program are listed in the solicitation link at the top of the left column on this page.

Program Areas

BE Program Areas
In this fifth year of a multi-year effort, five topical areas will be emphasized:
CBC Coupled Biogeochemical Cycles
CNH Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems
GEN-EN Genome-Enabled Environmental Science and Engineering
IDEA Instrumentation Development for Environmental Activities
MUSES Materials Use: Science, Engineering, and Society
Award Grants

Engineering Directorate BE Award Grants
Information on past BE competition activities, related to the Engineering Directorate, is provided below.  Missing "Year Links" in the table below indicate no program activity for that Fiscal Year.
CBC Fiscal Year |   | 2001 | 2002 |   |
CNH Fiscal Year | No Grant Activity to Date for CNH Program |
GEN-EN Fiscal Year |   |   | 2002 |   |
IDEA Fiscal Year |   | 2001 | 2002 |   |
MUSES Fiscal Year |   |   | 2002 | 2003 |
OTHER Fiscal Year | 2000 |   | 2002 |   |

Questions? and Coordinators
Please feel free to contact Dr. Bruce Hamilton, at:, the Engineering Directorate BE Coordinator, if you have any general questions concerning the Engineering Directorate BE Program.

Questions about specific specialty areas should be addressed to the NSF Division Coordinators listed below:

NSF Engineering Directorate FY 2003 BE Program Coordinators
CBC Coupled Biogeochemical Cycles
Nick Clesceri, PhD, PE
BES - Bioengineering and Environmental Systems Division
CNH Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems
Priscilla Nelson, PhD
CMS - Civil and Mechanical Systems Division, and
Paul Werbos, PhD    
ECS - Electrical and Communications Systems Division
GEN-EN Genome-Enabled Environmental Science & Engineering
Bruce Hamilton, PhD
BES - Bioengineering and Environmental Systems Division
IDEA Instrumentation Development
for Environmental Activities

Rajinder Khosla, PhD
ECS - Electrical and Communications Systems Division, and
Robert Wellek, PhD  
CTS - Chemical and Transport Systems Division
MUSES Materials Use:  Science, Engineering, and Society
Delcie Durham, PhD, PE
DMII - Design, Manufacturing, and Industrial Innovation Division
OTHER OTHER:  BE ENG Projects Outside Current Topical Areas
Bruce Hamilton, PhD
BES - Bioengineering and Environmental Systems Division
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