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The Division of Science Resources Statistics (SRS) fulfills the legislative mandate of the National Science Foundation Act to . . .

provide a central clearinghouse for the collection, interpretation, and analysis of data on scientific and engineering resources, and to provide a source of information for policy formulation by other agencies of the Federal Government. . .

To carry out this mandate, SRS designs, supports, and directs about 14 periodic surveys as well as a variety of other data collections and research projects. These surveys yield the materials for SRS staff to compile, analyze, and disseminate quantitative information about domestic and international resources devoted to science, engineering, and technology. Each year SRS produces about 30 publications, which can be roughly divided into the following categories:

SRS activities often require close cooperation with other Federal agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health, the National Center for Education Statistics, the Bureau of the Census, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the Department of Commerce's Patent and Trademark Office and International Trade Administration. All of the Federal agencies that perform research and development (R&D) participate in providing the data for the SRS Federal Funds reports. In addition, SRS staff work closely with universities, industrial firms, professional associations, and international organizations.

Upon completion of the data processing for the major surveys, SRS staff prepare InfoBriefs that summarize and highlight findings in the new data prior to the lengthier publishing process for the more detailed statistical reports and analyses. The data are also provided to users in a variety of formats and customized publications.

In addition to the SRS surveys, designed and managed by SRS staff and conducted primarily by contractors, the Division also supports a small program of extramural research on such topics as methodologies and models for scientific and technological data collection, modeling for the scientific and engineering labor markets, changing patterns of national and international research performance, and the relationship between science and technological development.

Publications are grouped according to the program that produces them. The three programs are listed below.

Top  SRS Staff Directory

Division of Science Resources StatisticsPhone: (703) 292-8774
4201 Wilson Blvd., Suite 965Fax: (703) 292-9092
Arlington, VA 22230E-mail:

bulletOffice of the Division Director
bulletInformation and Technology Services Program
bulletHuman Resources Statistics Program
bulletResearch and Development Statistics Program
bulletScience & Engineering Indicators Program

Top Office of the Division Director

Lynda T. Carlson
Division Director
(703) 292-7766
Mary J. Frase
Deputy Division Director
(703) 292-7767
Jackie Durham
Financial Operations Specialist
(703) 292-4556
Ronald Fecso
Chief Statistician
(703) 292-7769
Barbara B. Mitchell
Administrative Officer
(703) 292-7349
Jeri Mulrow
Senior Statistician
(703) 292-4784
Cleo Redline
Senior Survey Methodologist
(703) 292-7802
Emilda B. Rivers
Mathematical Statistician
(703) 292-7773
Chavon Thompson
Office Automation Clerk (STEP)
(703) 292-7807

Top  Information and Technology Services Program

John R. Gawalt
Program Director
(703) 292-7776
Jennifer S. Bond
Senior Staff Associate for Customer
Outreach (on detail to
the Council on
(703) 292-7803
Tanya Gore
Desktop Publishing Specialist
(703) 292-7777 
Rolfe Larson
Publications Manager
(703) 292-7788
Rajinder (Raj) S. Raut
Information Technology Specialist
(703) 292-7771
Cheryl Roesel
(703) 292-7778
Peg Whalen
Web Manager
(703) 292-7815
R. Keith Wilkinson
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-7801

Top  Human Resources Statistics Program

Nancy Leach
Program Director
(703) 292-7768
Susan T. Hill
Director, Doctorate Data Project
(on Professional Development
assignment through June 2004)
(703) 292-7790
Joan S. Burrelli
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-7793
Maurya Green
Survey Information Specialist
(703) 292-4662
Kelly H. Kang
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-7796
Nirmala (Nimmi) Kannankutty
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-7797
Julia D. Oliver
Survey Statistician
(703) 292-7809
John Tsapogas
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-7799

Top  Research and Development Statistics Program

John E. Jankowski, Jr.
Program Director
(703) 292-7781
Leslie J. Christovich
Director, Academic
Infrastructure Project
(703) 292-7782
Richard J. Bennof
(703) 292-7783
Fran Featherston
Survey Statistician
(703) 292-4221
Ronald L. Meeks
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-7787
Francisco Moris
(703) 292-4678
Richard E. Morrison
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-7798
Brandon Shackelford
(703) 292-4685
Raymond M. Wolfe
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-7789

Top  Science & Engineering Indicators Program

Rolf F. Lehming
Program Director
(703) 292-7810
Robert K. Bell
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-4977
Lawrence Burton
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-7794
Deborah A. Collins
Survey Operations Specialist
(703) 292-7804
Derek Hill
(703) 292-7805
Jean M. Johnson
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-7806
Melissa F. Pollak
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-7808
Alan I. Rapoport
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-7811
Lawrence M. Rausch
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-7812
Mark C. Regets
Senior Analyst
(703) 292-7813

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