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EPSCoR, Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research
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EPSCoR Outreach

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Contact between EPSCoR researchers and NSF Program Officers is an important factor in increasing the number and quality of grant proposals from the EPSCoR jurisdictions. EPSCoR Outreach is designed to increase the number of such contacts and to maximize their effectiveness.

The NSF EPSCoR Office will pay the costs of outreach visits to EPSCoR jurisdictions by NSF staff, (NOTE: Program Officers who are Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) employees are not eligible for EPSCoR Outreach travel support.) To qualify for this funding NSF staff must travel solely for the purpose of EPSCoR Outreach; program site visits are the responsibility of the managing program and cannot be supported with EPSCoR Outreach funds.

An outreach visit may be initiated either by 1) an EPSCoR jurisdiction host (e.g., faculty member, administrator, State EPSCoR Project Director) or 2) an NSF visitor (e.g., Program Officer, Division Director, DIS FastLane staff person.) In either case, effective planning, advisedly begun at least 3 weeks in advance, is critical.

Based on past experience, the NSF EPSCoR Office has found that the following actions are essential for a successful outreach visit:


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