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Past Highlights

Highlights 2004





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October 2004

Nanoparticle biosensor and calculation of electric fields in the sensor

September 2004

Autofluorescence of Tick Nymph on a Mammalian Host

In circuit QED experiments, a photon trapped between the transmission lines (tan) couples to the artificial atom, or qubit (purple).

August 2004

Illustration of a star and planet.

Image of bacteriophage T4.

July 2004

Photo of the meteorite as it was collected in Antarctica.

Chiral optical fiber created by Chiral Photonics.

June 2004

Photo of a  graduate student and one of the world's most active volcanoes, Unzen Dake on Japanís Kyushu Island.

Segment of image showing the brightness of an erupting solar prominence taken with the COMP on 3/9/04

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May 2004

Cartoon of a cicada waking up

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April 2004

Pictures depict how cells within the heart valve can be regulated

Map of PNAS articles from eight biology subfields, color-coded according to subfield. A 2-D view on the 3-D space, selected automatically by the computer.

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March 2004

Artist's concept of Tumbleweed, which would dwarf a person.

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February 2004

An artist's conception of a carnivorous dinosaur recently discovered in Antarctica.
Photo of Arden L. Bement, Jr.

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January 2004

Myoglobin, the first protein structure to be determined at high resolution.

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