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Cars -- Buying, Selling, Car Maintenance, Insurance
Computers -- Buying, Getting On-line
Education -- School Loans, Planning for College, Alternative Ways to Earn a Degree
Employment -- Tips on finding a job, Occupation information, Workplace rights, Pensions
Federal Programs -- Social Security, Medicare, Veteran's Benefits, Buying Government Property
Food -- Nutrition for better health, Safe food handling and preparation
Health -- Drugs and Health Aids, Dieting and Nutrition, Medical Problems
Housing -- Financing and Sales, Home Maintenance
Money -- Credit, Saving, Investing, Retirement Planning, Protecting your money
Small Business -- Starting a Business, Small Business Administration, Patents and Copyrights
Travel -- Foreign Travel Requirements, National Parks, Travel Advice, Flying rights and advice
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Consumer Action Website -- Tips, advice, listings of what to do and who to call with a consumer problem
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Recalls -- Federal and Private Sector Recalls on Products
Scams and Frauds -- A listing of the latest scams and recalls announced by Federal Agencies and Consumer Groups

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About Us
This page will tell you everything you ever wanted to know (and some things you don't) about FCIC! Pay attention, we'll be giving a quiz!
For years, consumers have written to Pueblo, Colorado 81009 for timely, practical information they trust. Now you can get this great information in the format that best suits your needs -- in print, over the phone or on the web. The Federal Citizen Information Center provides the answer to questions about the Federal government and everyday consumer issues whether citizens write, call or log on.

Learn more about Pueblo, Colorado "A City of Excellence".


What is the Federal Citizen Information Center?

Since 1970, the Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC) has been a trusted one-stop shop for answers to questions about consumer problems and government services. Consumers can get the information they need through printed publications, by calling 1 (800) FED INFO, and through information posted on FCIC's family of websites including:

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1 (800) FED-INFO

FCIC manages a toll-free National Contact Center with specially trained staff to answer questions in English and Spanish about all aspects of the Federal government. The public can access the call center by calling toll-free 1 (800) FED INFO (1 (800) 333-4636) between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, or by searching an online database at

space is the U.S. Government's Official Web Portal to government information, services and transactions. This site pulls together more than 26 million federal web pages in addition to 16 million state and local government pages. Here, citizens can easily get easy-to-understand information and services from the government 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The public can use's Citizen's Gateway to access information on such topics as Social Security, filing taxes, government shopping and more. The Business Gateway links to information on business opportunities and business laws and regulations. The Government Gateway connects visitors to important resources for federal, state, local and tribal governments.

See FCIC's FirstGov factsheet for more details.


At consumers can read, print out, or save the current Consumer Information Catalog and the full text of all the publications listed in it. Consumers can access additional information on a wide range of subjects by clicking on different topic headings. Hundreds of publications, the latest product recalls and scams, updates of consumer news from various Federal agencies, and a calendar of consumer-related events are also available.

The web site has easy-to-follow links to the most useful Federal web sites; state, local and county consumer agencies; FCIC corporate publishing partners; consumer organizations; and corporations and trade associations with ongoing consumer programs. The most popular FCIC web feature is the Consumer Action Handbook. The public can also sign up for our FCIC E-newsletter from Pueblo. The e-newsletter delivers updates on the newest publications and information available from FCIC straight to consumers' e-mail boxes.

space is the official interagency children's portal to the U.S. Government. The site features more than 400 kid-friendly links in one easy-to-find place. Links are organized by topic area and by whether they are a government agency, school, private or commercial organization. The links are safe and age-appropriate. Kids can learn about everything from fighting crime and exploring the world to music and space. And the "Homework" section links them directly to the best reference and homework-help sites on the web.


Consumer Action Handbook

Published continuously since 1979, the Consumer Action Handbook is one of the most informative and popular consumer documents ever issued by the government. This 168-page guide is designed to help citizens find the best and most direct source for assistance with their consumer problems and questions. The Handbook offers tips on topics such as buying and leasing cars, protecting your privacy and yourself from fraud, and shopping from home. It also includes a sample complaint form that you can use as a guide for your own letter, fax or e-mail. The Handbook offers thousands of names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for Better Business Bureaus, corporate consumer contacts and state, county and city government consumer protection offices. You can access the web edition of the Handbook instantly at and use the links provided to register your complaint directly.


Consumer Information Catalog

The Government Printing Office facility in Pueblo, Colorado is the home of the Consumer Information Catalog, published four times a year with descriptive listings of about 200 free or low-cost Federal publications. Topics include health, federal benefits, money management, housing, childcare, employment, small business, education, food and nutrition, cars, travel, consumer protection and more. The Catalog is available through schools, libraries, consumer groups, Federal offices with large numbers of visitors, congressional offices and in response to individual requests.

If you would like a free copy of the Consumer Information Catalog, write to Catalog, Pueblo, Colorado 81009, or call 1-888-8PUEBLO (that's 1-888-878-3256). You can also order a Catalog online at FCIC's web site:

Groups and individuals who wish to receive free copies of the Consumer Information Catalog each quarter may enter their name and address to the FCIC Subscription List.


Resources In Spanish

FCIC also publishes the Lista de publicaciones federales en español para el consumidor, which gives ordering information for nearly 200 free federal publications available in Spanish. For a free copy, write to Lista, Pueblo, Colorado 81009, or call 1-888-8PUEBLO (that's 1-888-878-3256).

Citizens can also access FCIC's Spanish Resources web page at This page links the public to nearly 200 federal Spanish-language web sites.


Information Development

Answering citizens' questions about the federal government and about everyday consumer issues is what the Federal Citizen Information Center is all about. FCIC watches emerging consumer issues and topics, and regularly reviews new information coming from federal agencies and consumer organizations. Whether it's new information to be posted on the FCIC web site or publications to be listed in the Consumer Information Catalog, criteria include timeliness, clarity, cost, and practical relevance to consumers' everyday needs.

When new issues need to be addressed, or earlier information updated, FCIC works with the appropriate federal agency to develop and provide new publications and to make sure that web articles and links are up-to-date. Publication suggestions from consumers are also welcomed and appreciated.

See the FCIC fact sheet Services for Agencies for more details.


Cooperative Publishing

Although a majority of publications listed in the Consumer Information Catalog are developed by Federal agencies alone, some are produced jointly by government and private industry.

FCIC's criteria for cooperative publications provide that the publications must: receive the endorsement of the appropriate Federal agency; clearly indicate that it is a joint government / industry effort; be an unbiased, objective presentation with clear labeling of industry and government positions whenever present; be free of advertising or promotional messages; and give permission for reprinting by educational and nonprofit groups

See the FCIC fact sheet Industry and Government: Publishing Together For Everybody's Benefit for more details.


Delivering Information through the Media

The Federal Citizen Information Center works with the national media such as Family Circle, the Associated Press and Parade to highlight consumer information in articles and feature stories.

FCIC develops unique press releases for specific consumer topics and tailors the media mailing list for each release to target appropriate media outlets. The releases are available in hard copy and in electronic form via FCIC's Media E-mail list.

Each year, the Federal Citizen Information Center produces public service advertising for television, radio and print media. The TV and radio spots are available in 60, 30, 20, 15, and 10 second lengths. The TV spots are available on 3/4", 1" and Beta SP tapes. The radio spots are available on CDs and as live-announcer scripts. The eye-catching print ads come in 20 different sizes, ranging from on-half column inch to a full page. FCIC can satisfy any special printing or electronic requirements for print ads.

To obtain FCIC's media services, including review copies of new publications, reporters are welcome to call the Media Hotline at (202) 501-1794.


For More Information

If you are interested in obtaining additional information, please e-mail FCIC directly or call (202) 501-1794.


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