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"I'd like to say to federal managers, in case you haven't gotten the message, telework is here to stay... it's not just a perk or special privilege, it's an opportunity to increase employee morale and increase the attractiveness of working for the federal government."

- Kay Coles James

Programs, News, and Announcements

  • Free Telework Courses!

  • Are you considering implementing telework in your group or considering telework as an employment alternative? Do you already manage teleworkers or are you already a teleworker? If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions, the Gov Online Learning Center has developed 2 new courses in its free catalogue to assist you -
    Telework 101 for Managers: Making Telework Work for You (OPM002) and Telework 101 for Employees: Making Telework Work for You (OPM007)

    These e-learning courses will provide tips and resources for making decisions about how best to implement telework in your group and help you telework successfully. The courses will provide you with the basic concepts about telework such as the definition, types, benefits, and success factors. They will also provide you with an overview of the skills that are desirable for managers and teleworkers as well as the processes that will ensure an effective telework program. For instructions on how to register click here. For any technical questions or comments about the courses or course navigation, please send an e-mail to golearn@geolearning.com. If you have any comments and or suggestions about telework, please e-mail workandfamily@opm.gov.

  • HealthierFeds
    HealthierFeds is an initiative that places emphasis on educating Federal employees and retirees on healthy living strategies. By encouraging positive behaviors regarding physical activity, nutrition, preventive screenings and healthy lifestyle choices, the hope is to reduce demand on the health care system. By providing accurate, reliable and safe information in these subject areas, HealthierFeds serves as a resource for federal employees to live healthier lives. For more information, please visit the HealthierFeds website at http://www.opm.gov/healthierfeds/

Please visit all Office of Work Life Programs areas individually by choosing one of the program links listed on the left of this page.

Our staff is available to work with you and your agency in establishing or improving work/life programs. Email workandfamily@opm.gov with your inquiry and a specialist will contact you. You may also call (202) 606-5520 and ask to be directed to a specialist in any specified area.