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October 27 — A new pinto bean germplasm line resistant to anthracnose is now available for use in developing new varieties of the legume crop. Go.
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October 25 —ARS research on avian and swine influenza viruses is the subject of the lead article in the new issue of ARS' online Healthy Animals newsletter. Go.
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AR for October: link to table of contents

In the October Magazine
Foot fungi make grasshoppers go belly up... Unmasking a food toxin... Rice is especially nice when you're studying corn and sorghum... "D"-creasing seniors' slips and falls... Eggshell quality linked to Salmonella... And More!


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Image Gallery—Hundreds of our very best downloadable color photographs in low- and high-resolution formats. The Gallery and the rest of our online catalog—totaling thousands of images—are searchable by keywords.Go.



Video—A selection of short video news clips and longer features on many topics. Most of the videos are also available as VHS or Beta format videotapes. Go.


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En Español—Noticias, listas noticieras, contactos para la prensa, fotos para bajar, páginas cibernéticas para los jóvenes, y una máquina de búsqueda. Anda.



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